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You’ll get to experience the magic of the iPhone 7 screen repair first hand!

Bring your damaged iPhone 7 into our shop in central London and we’ll have it repaired within 60 minutes. Meanwhile, you can catch up on some email, get to know our friendly staff, or people watch from our window overlooking the street (and you may see some very strange things!).

Use the calendar below to book a time and date that works best for you or just come by. We’re open from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

London Courier

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Express mail

We get it, our Express mail service is simply one of the most convenient ways to have your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 screen repaired when you can't make it to our location.

We designed it that way! Plus, when you see the postman approaching with that package you know is your good-as-new Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, it can feel a bit like Christmas, no matter what the time of year.

The process is simple. You send us your damaged Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 in a padded envelope via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Once we receive it, we'll fix it right up and have it in the post for you same day. With next day delivery, you'll be cradling your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 again in just a couple of days! Order this service below and we'll send you the complete mailing instructions straightaway.

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