What to do with your Old Phone

What to do with your Old Phone - Lovefone, London

If you've come to the end of the line with your old smartphone, the temptation can be to shove it in an “odds and ends” drawer somewhere and forget about it until it's time for a thorough decluttering. But there are much better things to do with old iPhones, knackered Motorolas & battered Blackberries.

Whether you want to squeeze more life out of your old phone or would prefer to recycle it, these helpful tips will ensure it doesn't needlessly clutter up your desk drawer for the next 18 months.

1. Re-purpose it

There are lots of clever ways you can re-purpose an old iPhone or Android phone these days which you may never have considered before. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Turn it into your “sous chef” by installing voice recognition tools like Android's Google Now Launcher, then using the “OK Google” function to access recipes, measurement conversions and even ask your mum for tips without getting your sticky fingers all over your tech.
  • Turn it into a home media controller by using a Chromecast streaming stick, a Plex subscription (you can use your old phone as a “remote”) or by directly connecting it to TVs or audio devices
  • Use it as a security camera or baby monitor by installing apps like IP webcam which allow you to stream content from phones, ideal for keeping an eye on your little ones & pets

2. Refurbish it

Whether you're upgrading just because you fancy a newer model or because your old iPhone or Android phone has seen better days, phone refurbishment is easier and more affordable than you might think. Refurbishing old phones could make them fit for purpose as mobiles for your youngsters, or return them to a state in which you can sell them – or keep them as a solid emergency backup phone.

3. Recycle it

If you don't plan to reuse your old phone by re-purposing or refurbishing it, it's important to recycle it instead of simply throwing it away. That's because there are a lot of very valuable materials which go into the components of your phone; components which often have a significant environmental and human cost to produce.

Recycling these materials is much more responsible than simply chucking your old phone away. You can find out more about why this matters in
our recent blog about e-waste. (For instance, did you know global e-waste is expected to hit a whopping 65.4 million tonnes this year?).

 There are a number of ways you can recycle your phone. You may choose to:

  • Donate it to a charity which can either sell it on if it is working (or has been refurbished) or pass them on to mobile phone recycling companies and make a small profit. Pretty much all charities will accept smartphones, but make sure before you drop off your bag full of unwanted items.
  • Sell functioning phones to companies like GeekSquad, CashConverters or CeX to make some money from your old smartphone on the high street. You could also see your old iPhone or Android on Gumtree or eBay.
  • Sell it to a recycling company like Envirophone or Mazuma Mobile. Online tools like Mobilevaluer.com will help you find out where you will get the best price for your old handset.
  • Simply recycle it. If you don't want to make a profit out of your old phone, but do want to dispose of it responsibly, there are plenty of recycling points where you can do just that. Specific bins for disposing of electrical items can be found through the handy Recycle Now website.

Choose phone refurbishment to get even more life out of your old mobile. Why not turn it into an in-car music player or give it to a friend in need of an upgrade? Let us fix your old phone efficiently and affordably today.

July 24, 2017