The Best Smartwatches on the Market

The Best Smartwatches on the Market - Lovefone, London

If you’re a bit of a tech nerd then you’ll already know that smart devices are getting smaller. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can ditch your smartphone just yet. Instead, see the smartwatch as more of a handy extension of your smartphone that can allow you to check notifications easily but also provides some very specific functionality.

So, if you’re a fitness fanatic or are in the market for a fashion accessory that’s chock full of the latest apps, these pieces of well-made, powerful and genuinely functional wrist candy could be perfect for you. But which is the best? Here’s our review of some of the big hitters...

Huawei Watch 2


If you’re looking for the best Android Wear watch then this is it. A marked improvement on the beautifully designed first generation offering, this sportier looking model has top quality hardware that includes 4G connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means it can be used without the connected smartphone.

Fitness buffs will also enjoy an excellent array of built-in features to track your workout regime and tell you just how good you look in those shorts. Answer: very! There are a few small issues that still need to be ironed out and the plastic removable straps don’t do it any favours, but with a price tag of around £240, we think the Huawei Watch 2 represents excellent value for money.

Apple Watch Series 3


It makes sense to start with a name that’s synonymous with the very best tech, but when it comes to the crunch, we don’t think the Apple Watch 3 quite delivers. Our main problem is primarily the price, which at £329 (GPS) and £399 (GPS + cellular) is a little bit steep. Although it’s beautifully designed, the battery life is too short for sleep tracking and the LTE (the equivalent of 4G) drains the battery and is expensive to use.  

But that aside, this is probably the best smartwatch on the market right now. iPhone users will love the seamless notifications and the build quality and the fitness tracking is outstanding. And of course, it looks the part, but with limited practical uses at the moment, in terms of bang for your buck, there probably are better options.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport


One of the biggest selling points of the smartwatch is the ability to track your workouts without having to lug your smartphone around with you. Available for under £200, the Motorola Moto is a dedicated fitness watch, which provides accurate GPS tracking. However, its heart rate monitor, like so many other smartwatches, leaves a little to be desired.

At this price point, the Motorola Moto 360 Sport is certainly a contender, but if you’re serious about monitoring your workout then our next entry is difficult to beat.

Fitbit Ionic


 If you’re a fully signed up member of the Lycra brigade then the Fitbit Ionic, which was released just last month, features a lot of the high-end features you’ll want to see. That includes everything from built-in GPS and a music play to the ability to track everything from running and swimming to weight training. There are also dedicated bodyweight coaching sessions included so you can fine-tune your routine.      

As well as being lightweight and comfortable, the Fitbit also includes an array of straps so you can style it out for the gym, the office or a night in with the cat. So all that’s great. The only downside is that with a price tag of around £290 and a severe lack of apps, you don’t get all that much smartwatch for your money.  

What’s your favourite smartwatch? And more importantly, what makes it so good? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

November 21, 2017