Ring links your smartphone and doorbell

Ring links your smartphone and doorbell - Lovefone, London

Ever wish you could know when someone was at your doorbell when you’re relaxing in the bath with your headphones in? How about when you’re not even home? Ring, the new device and software application combo ties your smartphone to your doorbell and lets you see when anyone rings your front door. With their motto, “See who’s there, from anywhere,” Ring Video Doorbell does just that.

For the anti-social

Etiquette is constantly changing with the times and our evolving technology. What was proper behavior in 2015 may eventually seem crude and outdated.

In the past, showing up at a person’s home unannounced, one would politely knock, or ring the doorbell before being greeted. Now, if you show up at someone’s home unannounced… in 2016… when everyone has a phone of some sort, I’m sorry to be the one who has to tell you, but you’re a monster.

With Ring, you’ll always know who’s there, without giving yourself away. If you don’t want to be bothered by a certain person, they won’t even know you were there. I mean, they really should have called first.

As a security measure

And the person at the doorbell might actually be a monster of another sort, a no-good burglarizing criminal. This is because criminals will often ring the doorbell of houses they suspect are empty, just to be sure there aren’t any pesky dogs or children to catch them in the act. If you are traveling for a few days, weeks, or you’re just out for the day, this app could help you rest a little bit easier.

Or, if you’re expecting an important package and don’t want to risk the delivery guy just leaving it under your doormat, Ring can allow you to know exactly when your package has arrived, and even tell the delivery guy to take it around to the back, or leave it with a neighbor.

A tool for the lazy

With any new form of technology, there will always be those who find out how it can help them be lazier. Others have pointed out some benefits such an app provides that aren’t exactly safety-conscious, or even socially-conscious. For instance, now you can leave the money for the pizza delivery guy under your welcome mat and communicate with him personally to just take the money and leave, rather than having to shout it through the door or risk exposing your under-dressed and hungover attire.

So whether you’re merely out running errands or really far away, you can still say hello to your visitors. In the age of live streaming and “peeping” apps, it’s good to know this technology can make your life much easier, and make you safer, and not just more exposed.

By connecting your smartphone to your doorbell, you can stay connected with your house, your visitors, and help prevent burglaries. I wouldn’t say you need it, but if you’re really worried about knowing when people are paying you a visit, or doing some recon at your flat, it’s a much more sensible solution than turning your smartphone into a drone to guard your property. Yes, much more sensible.

August 08, 2016
Andrew Hendricks