Phone related horror stories

Phone related horror stories - Lovefone, London

Your phone is probably your most closely held possession in your life. What used to be your wallet or your pocket watch, is now probably both… and your alarm clock, and your camera, and your photo album! Our phones are taking over our lives, and it's no surprise that urban legends and serious scares are now coming from our pocket-sized portal to the internet that we carry 24/7.

The smartphone case from Hell

More of a really neat DIY video than an actual horror story, were I to come across this smartphone case with treacly blood coagulating around realistic eyes staring back at me—I would be unnerved. I’ve seen my fair share of bizarre smartphone cases, but this one really takes the cake, and looks like a prop out of a darker Guillermo Del Toro movie.

Smartphone horror stories will keep you up at night

Aptly named “No Sleep” the subreddit is dedicated to spooky user-submitted stories that are supposedly true accounts that have happened to them. These can range from creepy unexplainable encounters to full-on ghost stories.

Never steal a stranger’s phone. At least not unless you want a Beatles obsessed crazy person to send you some… disturbing videos.

Also be careful what you post on Snapchat, or you might have a crowdsourced revelation that someone was looking through your open door as you were posting (the frame-by-frame detective work in this comment thread genuinely freaked me out)!

Speaking of Snapchat, let’s not forget about the time Snapchat’s facial-recognition filter recognised a face that wasn’t there. Here this girl was, taking a casual selfie with the dog filter on her face, when another set of dog ears and nose popped up right next to her. And to her horror, the tongue even wagged out like it’s supposed to when you open your mouth.

Perhaps in choosing between the two competitive image- and video-sharing apps, the superstitious among us may go for the one that doesn’t have a literal ghost as the icon. Spooky!

A Real Smartphone Horror Story

Urban myths and demonic phones aside, the biggest smartphone horror story was a quite literal one for dozens of owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. After the phone was found to have a possibility to explode. One notable case captured on film shows an Essex woman panicking and backing away from her phone which underwent such an event.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes

According to reporting by The Sun, the thirty year old woman reacted quickly when it became apparent something was wrong, avoiding serious injuries others have sustained. “It suddenly just expanded in my hand and got really, really hot,” said the Galaxy owner.  “I dropped it on the table. Within a few seconds there was smoke everywhere and I jumped out of the way. The whole thing was just barbecued.”

There have been at least 13 reported injuries Samsung has made cash settlements regarding, and of the 2.5 million produced units, a full million have been recalled. This whole saga if nothing else has been a horror story for Samsung, which has now had to kill its entire Galaxy brand. But really, it’s a horror story for owners. Scarier than any else, because it is real.

And here you were thinking the only horror your phone could bring is the danger of a low battery. They can also explode, and they may be able to see stuff you can’t. Sorry if we ruined phones for you!

October 28, 2016
Andrew Hendricks