Best wireless headphones for phones

Best wireless headphones for phones - Lovefone, London

It’s 2016, and wireless headphones have come a long way. They are very close to as good of quality as any headphones with a cord. And now that the iPhone 7 has done away with the headphone jack altogether, it’s time to start weighing your options and considering investing in some nice wireless headphones for your phone.

Best wireless headphones for music

High-end: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless - £379.95

Senheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless

If you have money to throw around, you can’t really beat these headphones. They have amazing sound, they are noise-cancelling, very comfortable, and have a 24-hour charge. Oh, and did we mention that they are ridiculously good-looking?

Average: Bose QuietComfort 35 - £290

Bose Quietcomfort 35

Still on the expensive side, the Bose QuietComfort 35 have “world-class noise cancellation,” voice prompts, a 20-hour battery life, and built in equalisation for balanced audio at both loud and quiet volumes.

Cheap: Plantronics BackBeat Pro - £129.42

Plantronics Backbeat Pro

These headphones are surprisingly great for their price. They are wonderfully noise-cancelling, loud with great sound-quality, a range of up to 300 feet, and a 24-hour battery charge.

Best wireless headphones for exercise

High-end: Jaybird X2 - £138

Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 are sweatproof, have a comfortable fit, and give an 8-hour charge. They have great sound, and even give voice prompts like telling you when the headphones have been successfully connected. They are even designed so that you can wear them over your ear like most exercise headphones, or under.

Average: JLab Epic 2 - £76

Jlab Epic 2

The JLab Epic 2 wireless headphones come with multiple different sized and shaped gel tips for the earbuds, so you will surely find one that fits your ear. They are light and evenly weighted, and have a great sound with deep base—a must-have for those intense workout songs—and a 12-hour charge.

Cheap: Plantronics Backbeat Fit - £60

Plantronics Backbeat Fit

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit wireless headphones have one minor drawback: the remote controls are located directly on the earbud, which is a little awkward. But these headphones are very comfortable, with around 8 hours of battery life. They have good sound, but not amazing. And my favorite part: the earbuds are designed to let outside sound in, which I find very helpful when I’m exercising out in public.

Best overall wireless headphones

High-end: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless - £379.95

 Senheiser Momentum 2

The only headphones to appear twice on our list, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 have a beautiful leather design, super comfortable memory foam cushions, and amazing sound quality. They have an average wireless range (30 feet), but have an impressive battery life of over 24 hours. If you can afford them, these are among the best headphones you’ll be able to find for your phone, period.

Average: Beats Solo 2 Wireless - £200

Beats Solo 2 Wireless

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones aren’t as pricey as many other Beats headphones. They cost about half as much as their successor, the Beats Solo 3, and have a great sound, over 12 hours of battery, and 30 feet of wireless range, which is about the norm.

Cheap: Jabra Move Wireless - £65

Jabra Move Wireless

For anyone who can’t afford super expensive, or even slightly expensive headphones, the Jabra Move Wireless headphones are great for their price. They have a range of over 33 feet, but the battery only lasts around 8 hours. They have a great design, they’re lightweight, and they have great sound quality, even if they aren’t very noise-cancelling.

Some may be annoyed with wireless headphones slowly becoming a new industry standard, however anyone who has ever snagged their pair on a door handle definitely embraces this new trend.

October 18, 2016
Dia Ascenzi