App of the month: Auxy

App of the month: Auxy - Lovefone, London

Auxy is a music-making app that was originally released on the iPad but has recently been made available for the iPhone as well. Redesigned to be just as usable on the iPhone’s smaller screen, Auxy was introduced at the App Store a couple of years ago and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. The most recent update was made just last week to add new functionality and keep the app looking fresh.

Here’s a little look at Auxy in practice... 


Why do we like it?

The Auxy app is one of the more expensive apps, costing £4.99, but we think it’s worth every penny - all 499 of them! At its heart, Auxy is a typical loop-based song-builder, which allows you to lay out rhythm patterns and melody samples on a gird using the touch screen controls. If you’ve used any loop-based music creator then you’ll quickly be able to find your feet.

But what really makes Auxy different from any number of other digital music-making apps out is its simple, smart design that makes composing music digitally a pleasure rather than a chore. While many apps of this ilk feature an overly complicated sequencer design, Auxy keeps things simple, removing the distractions and letting you flex your beat-making skills without being constantly bombarded by distractions you don’t necessarily need. The result is a stripped back app with a design that’s true to its Swedish roots and a number of awards, including Apple’s Design Award in 2016.  

What’s new?

Although many of the same minimalist design elements are used on the iPhone app, there are a few key differences when compared to the original iPad version. The sound engine has been completely reworked to produce higher quality samples, while 3D Touch has also been added to give you an excellent level of control.

And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Auxy for the iPhone has kept many of the features of the iPad, such as the ability to apply effects, save loops and record performances to share with your bandmates or other apps. These are the features that made Auxy such a hit in the first place - now the only difference is that it fits in your pocket!

Do you have any apps you think we should feature as our app of the month? Please share your favourites or your views on Auxy in the comments section below.    

September 29, 2017