Using Your Phone as a Tool to Make Real Money

Using Your Phone as a Tool to Make Real Money - Lovefone, London

If you have a smartphone, and if you pay your own bill, you are likely aware of just how costly your phone can be. You have a bill to pay every month, and the phone wasn’t cheap either. Many apps cost money to buy, and just about every mobile game now has in-game purchases. As if the price of an iPhone weren’t high enough, now the Apple Watch is being sold as a $400 way to augment your smartphone experience. There are so many ways that using your smartphone can slowly drain money from your bank account. However, many websites and apps are making it possible to actually make money on your phone.

Apps are popping up left and right that make it very easy to earn money on your phone. There are apps that ask you to take surveys for money, apps that ask you to watch movies and TV trailers for money, and even apps that let you build up points that you can later exchange for gift cards and stuff. These options are often slow-going and tedious, but they add up if you keep at it. You’re going to be on your phone all day anyway, aren’t you?

Apart from the paltry return of so called “click-and-earn” apps (most of which are, objectively, simply not worth your time), there are much more concrete ways to make money with the use of your phone. For example, the apps Gigwalk and Taskrabbit allow you to browse the app for small jobs that other users have posted. You can accept one of these short tasks or gigs, and go complete it. Some are on site, like yard work or house cleaning, and others are jobs you can do from your home. It depends on what people need done at the time These apps really allow you to use your real life skills and interests to make real money, as opposed to making a few bucks a month taking online surveys. Some of these gigs pay as much as $50 a pop. Another very cool app is Foap, an app that allows you to sell photographs that you took on your phone. For people who already take pictures all day for social media, now they can possibly make some money off of it.

If you already have a job or business, and you probably have little need or time to fill out surveys for a few bucks or some coupons, there are ways you can still use your smartphone to help you become more professionally successful. You can help your business grow using social media, advertising, or networking on you phone. You can gather clients, learn valuable experience, and meet new peers on apps like Facebook or Reddit. There are also countless apps that make managing tasks and information easier, which in effect makes you much more efficient and professional. Apps like these are invaluable when it comes to running a business, or having to set up events, meetings, or presentations.

There is a huge and growing list of apps that allow you to make money on your phone. These apps can revolutionize the value of having a smartphone on hand at any time. Where once, being on your phone meant you were playing some time-waster game or refreshing your Facebook feed over and over again, now there are plenty of options for you to actually turn staring at you phone all day into a positive. Next time someone calls you out for having bad smartphone etiquette, you can simply explain to them that you are earning money, or at least using your phone as a professional tool, not playing Clash of Clans.

Of course, the more you rely on your smartphone for everyday use, whether it be for easy email access, networking, or research on the go, it becomes more devastating when you don’t have it. If you use your phone for practically everything, including a supplemental source of income, you will be helpless when your screen breaks. Hopefully, earning money with one or more of these methods over time may allow your phone to pay for itself.

Author: Dia Ascenzi

January 20, 2016