4 ways your phone can actually save your life

4 ways your phone can actually save your life - Lovefone, London

1. Triage care

iTriage App

Whether you’re the person with a gushing head wound or you come across a downed biker with a collapsed lung, finding yourself facing life and death choices with virtually zero medical knowledge is a scary prospect.

You don’t want to do more damage, but there are instances where you may be the only one there, and doing nothing means certain death for this unfortunate you’ve come across. Well, have no fear (or, at least, less fear), iTriage is one of a number of medical care apps, but one that specifically gives you the bare-bones, need to know, what to do instructions to save a life. You can put in a person's symptoms, look up medications, and find facilities nearby, as well as have dumbed-down procedural instructions should you find yourself in such a situation that triage care is needed.

2. Weather notifications

iOS weather

If you have ever encountered extreme weather you weren’t prepared for, you know just how scary a torrential downpour, sandstorm, or hail storm of biblical proportions can be. If your phone ever starts screeching this noise, you should listen. You never know when driving through a dry landscape can quickly turn into a storm. I have a newfound appreciation for when my phone is trying desperately to save my life.

3. Recording a crime in progress

It may be morbid to think about, but if you worry you are about to be the victim of an attack, using streaming video apps that automatically upload, save, or show others what your phone is seeing can be a much greater piece of evidence for authorities than merely trying to take video on your phone natively.

Apps like Periscope and Meerkat might actually be useful to have if you ever need a witness, or a hidden cry for help. Facebook even has Facebook Live, so if you don’t know want to have to learn how to work a new app, stick with trusty Facebook.

The fact that an app like this is even necessary is saddening, but there is now an app called Mobile Justice. This app was made primarily to record instances of “over-policing, racial profiling and excessive use of force.” The app allows you to record and submit video directly to your local ACLU department, and the app has versions for multiple cities, and counting.

4. Medical ID app

iPhone medical ID

When there is a medical emergency, and the person in danger is unconscious, there is no way for the first responders to get any relevant information from the victim. While we already have medical bracelets or tags that show important medical conditions, there is also a host of smartphone apps or settings that do the same thing. Like the Health app, for iPhone, that let’s responders see your medical info even if your screen is locked.

“By turning the “show when locked” button on, it will enable the app to display the information you have imputed on the lock screen of your phone where emergency crews can access the information without even unlocking your phone.” For Android, you have Safety Assistance, which is similar to Health for iPhone.

So while we may worry about whether our smartphones are making us stupid or about our smartphone addiction in general, with a little bit of knowledge and the right apps, your phone can be the difference between life and death.

August 05, 2016
Andrew Hendricks