10 Mobile Apps That Could Revolutionise Your Life

The majority of people have smartphones these days and use apps on a daily basis.

These small devices, that fit in our pockets, provide us with pretty much everything we need, so much so it is hard to imagine what we did before we had them. How did we meet up with our friends before mobiles, when we could only communicate over landline, and had to arrange a time and place to be before we left the house? Now, not only can we phone our friends on the go, we can also send them a note via Whatsapp, a tweet, a Facebook message or even make a video call!

Apps are evolving all the time, making our lives easier and providing us with services we couldn’t live without. Google maps is making sure we never get lost again, whether travelling by foot or by car, whilst the likes of BBC iPlayer and 4oD means we can watch our favourite show wherever we are.

There is ‘an app for everything’ and with millions to choose from how do we decide which ones we really need? If you need some help deciding here are 10 apps you should start downloading right now - they will revolutionise your life:

1. Swackett

This free app will ensure you are never stuck in the rain without an umbrella again. Going one step further than your weather app, Swackett also offers advice on what to wear including shoes and accessories.

2. Around Me


This app is extremely handy, especially when you are in an unknown location. It will give you information about your surroundings, from the nearest petrol station or hospital to the bars and hotels in that area.

3. Moves

Moves app

This app is particularly handy if you are keeping fit. We usually have our phone on us somewhere, whether this is in our hand or in our bags. Wherever the phone is on you, it will track your every move and provide the information as a story. This includes how many steps you took and the calories you burned.

4. Substitutions

If you have ever been cooking a meal for hungry guests only to realise you are one ingredient short, you already know why this app will revolutionise your life! It provides you with a suitable replacement as well as making suggestions for vegetarian, gluten-free or lower-fat substitutes.

5. ClosetSpace

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still find yourself saying you have nothing to wear? With this app you can take a photo of your clothes then organise outfits on your phone and it will even give you inspiration, tips and expert advice.

6. TripIT

If you love to travel this is definitely an app for you. It allows you to plan your holiday from start to finish and organise details across several travel sites.

7. Songkick

This will ensure you are the first to know about concerts, tracking your favourite artists and making sure you never miss them live in your area.

8. Trello

This app will seriously help with organisation by ordering your weekly projects and tasks into manageable chunks.

9. Do
This app allows you to create simple connections between apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail, helping you use your social media apps together.
10. 1Password

Simply remember one password and this app will work as a secure vault to store all your online user names and passwords


June 17, 2015