Common Nexus 5 problems - and how to fix them

Common Nexus 5 problems - and how to fix them

The Nexus 5 might be one of the most affordable handsets currently on the market but with its low price also comes a few bugs and problems for users.

Our most common fixes for the handset involve replacing the screen or the battery, but before you bring your phone into us take a look at this quick guide on how you can get going again at home:

Battery life

One of the most common complaints for the Nexus 5 is that its battery life doesn’t last long enough and that it takes too long to charge.


- When you don’t need to use your phone put it in airplane mode and close all apps that aren’t being used to save battery. Candy Crush really doesn’t need to run in the background.

- You can also try turning the phone off as soon as your remove it from the charger after a charge, then switch it on again.

Loose power button

There are users out there who have complained that the power button moves or rattles when using their phone.


- Use a case to hold everything in place and prevent further damage.

Dead pixels

Some handsets suffer with dead pixels, which means there is an annoying spot on the screen that doesn’t change.


- First, test if you have a dead pixel with a free app called Dead Pixel Detect and Fix.

- If the app doesn’t confirm this turn the phone off. If you can still see it then it’s probably dust trapped beneath the screen. Bring the handset into us and we will replace the screen, which will hopefully fix the problem.

Poor camera

Everyone can be a photographer with a smartphone in their hand, but many people using the Nexus 5 have reported that they are disappointed with the poor quality of the camera. Issues with the camera include slow auto-focus, blurry images and shutter lag.


- The only way to fix this is to wait for Google to send out a software update. Google are aware of the problem so will be creating updates to fix it. Check that you have the latest update by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates.

Bluetooth not working

Many of us now connect our phones through Bluetooth to speakers and in our cars, so there can be nothing more frustrating than not being able to make that connection. The Nexus 5 apparently has issues with seeing other devices and auto-connecting.


- Turn both the phone and device you are trying to connect to off, then on again.

- Try turning off your Wi-Fi, this can apparently interfere with Bluetooth.

- Check that you have not exceeded the amount of devices your Bluetooth accessory can connect to and then delete profiles to make room for the phone.

Random rebooting

There’s nothing more frustrating than using your phone and then it randomly rebooting itself or switching off altogether. This is a common complaint with Nexus users.


- Go into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition – it could be a data issue and this will wipe any fragmented data on the phone.

- Back up anything important and then do a factory reset to wipe any corrupted data.

- Random rebooting or powering down could be linked to battery failure. Turn your device off and then leave to charge for ten to twelve hours. Turn it on and see if it stays on. If that doesn’t work then you will need another handset: contact Google.

We hope that some of these solutions help when using your Nexus 5. For its price it’s a great handset - you just need to work around some glitches when you first get started.

January 15, 2015