Paperback stickers for iPhones, or how to be more organised

Even though I’ve got an iPhone which has a few organising apps, I write down my shopping list on a post-it. I do not why, but I find it easier to handle than an app. I’ve tried quite a few apps, so it is not them, it is the way in which post-its are so handy to write and then cross things off with a pen! Recently I discovered a mixture between the post its that I use, and my iPhone: paperback stickers! Paperback stickers are adhesive notes for iPhones, specially designed to cover the back of your iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, and you can buy them from iLoveHandles website. Paperback stickers are for those who want to draw a quick sketch, or write down a list and then have it somewhere where they can find it easily. More than this, you can stick one at a time, or a few of them, so you have some spare ones in case you need them to write something down, to draw something, or just to scribble.

I loved the idea of sticking paperbacks on my iPhone, and I did a bit of research about iLoveHandles, to see who are the ones who sell them. The company was established after two architecture graduate friends met and started to collaborate on various projects. Both of them loved Apple, so they wanted to create lovable accessories that are different and unique. Isn't that lovely? Check out some of the ways in which you can use the paperback stickers on your iPhone:

You can buy them in packages of 80 sheets for $7.95, and you can order them from
November 18, 2013