iPhone 4S disassembly – what it looks like inside

We thought it might be nice to show people what the iPhone 4S looked like inside. Here are some images of an iPhone 4S disassembley that is being taken to pieces and the screen removed.   As you might expect, there are some similarities with the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S is all about improving what was already a remarkable smartphone. Apple have solved the signal issue that plagued the iPhone 4, and inserted the iPad 2 A5 chip, making the iPhone 4S over twice as fast as its predecessor. And with Siri, we can all get that Captain Kirk experience: "Beam me up Siri". If you've a spare moment, why not try Siri’s Greatest Hits: 10 Witty Comebacks from the iPhone 4S.   The iPhone 4S in one piece.   iPhone 4S disassembly   The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S side by side. The 4S mid frame has been modified to solve the signal issue.   iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4   iPhone 4S - removing the back panel   iPhone 4S back case opened   iPhone 4S open   The beautiful new iPhone 4S 8-megapixel camera   iPhone 4S camera   iPhone 4S camera       With the logic board removed.     The iPhone 4S vibrator as found on the US Verizon iPhone 4.   iPhone 4S with verizon vibrator     And, finally, the screen is off.   iPhone 4S screen being removed     If only I could remember how to put back together this iPhone 4S disassembly again...  
October 18, 2011