Next generation giant iPhone stolen – reward offered

Lovefone iPhone


Just six hours after its debut, a next generation giant iPhone has been stolen from a pavement in central London. The iPhone 60 was produced exclusively for Lovefone by leading designer Marius Istratescu ( Specifically designed for the larger person (60-feet tall), its 3.5 foot retina display means that it has the largest touch screen ever produced.


On 4pm Thursday 29 September, only hours after its unveiling on the pavement outside 64 Charlotte Street in central London, it was gone. In an unfortunate oversight, the 'Find My iPhone' app hadn't been installed. If anyone has any information leading to its safe return, Lovefone are offering a free repair or £80 worth of iTunes vouchers.


Four feet long, the iPhone is immediately recognisable, and so may be being hidden in the thief's home. It's now blocked from use on all networks. If you see anyone acting suspiciously with a giant iPhone, please get in touch with us at


Some iPhone 60 firsts

    • Designed for use by by 60 foot giant – provided with 500kg metal case crafted in military grade titanium
    • Largest touch screen on any Apple product – with a 130.4 million pixel retina display
    • Two months in the making – design team scrapped two prototypes before selecting final design approach
    • Engineered plexiglass – the same type of plastic used in high speed train urinals and helicopter staff canteens, more scratch resistant than polystyrene
    • Necklace camera – lens and flash bulb 'borrowed' from wife's jewellery makes the iPhone 60 the perfect fashion accessory
    • Bike tube headphone jack – cut from a the designer's own bicycle (which can now only to be used at extreme personal risk)

On a serious note, we really do miss our beloved iPhone sign so lovingly crafted by Marius – and we really do offer an £80 iTunes reward for information leading to its return! Thanks for your help. 


iPhone Lovefone



September 30, 2011