MEMI, the smart bracelet

I always hold my iPhone in my hand when I am walking on the street, and I am expecting an urgent call. If I forget it in my purse I might not hear it, and I want to avoid these situations. Needless to say, I am not the only one who does this. That is why Memi, the smart bracelet was designed by women, for women like me. I know there are smart watches on the market, and I wrote about iWatch a while ago, but they are not the most stylish and beautifully designed devices. They end up being so bulky and so technical, that will not fit every outfit. That is why stylish women thought it might be time for a smart bracelet that will keep them aware of their iPhone updates.

What does MEMI do? Even though it seems like a simple silver bracelet, Memi has a Bluetooth technology that pairs it with your iPhone. The Memi bracelet will vibrate when you: receive a phone call, a text message, or a calendar alert and then you can manage via an iOS app. You can customize the notifications and the people who “come” into your bracelet, so you can have a personal way of managing your important calls, texts and notifications. How does MEMI work? The Memi bracelet can be charged via a USB charging dock, and it had an embedded LED which will allow you to check if it is working. It has three different vibrations: one for calls, another one for text and other one for alerts. The Memi bracelet also has a discrete side button that will allow you to turn it on or off and a double tap motion sensing, to stop vibrations for an incoming call. More than this, it has a long battery life of up to five days and is compatible with iPhone 4s and up.

Memi started a year ago, when two women, Leslie and Margaux, decided to do something about their frustrations of not having a convenient place to store their iPhones. Initially there were more designs (see picture below), but then the prototype ended up in the shape of a silver bracelet.

Memi bracelet started as a Kickstarter project that raised the $24,000 funding that it needed to be successful and will start shipping in summer 2014. I will sign up and order one because I think it is a little gem. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us and win a Memi bracelet!
May 07, 2014