Apple Stores get ready for Christmas with winter displays

The winter holidays are almost here, and all the major retailers are getting ready for Christmas with special discounts, unique collections and winter displays. Apple prepares the stores from all over the world with winter displays which will go live later this week and will remain there until the beginning of January. As usual, Apple’s winter display will be simple and classic, but impressive in the same time.

Some leaked images of the Apple store winter display show that this year Apple decided to highlight the iPad Air and the iPhone 5c. The winter display will feature a curtain of about 2,100 LED lights which will depict the Apple Retail Store itself. The front display advertises the iPad Air and the iPhone 5 standing out of falling LED snowflakes. The messages from the windows state “May your holidays be bright” and “May your holidays be light”. It is remarkable how Apple managed to craft and share something simple but spectacular and unique in the same time. The displays were spotted in Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall and sent over to 9to5Mac by one of the readers. Later in December, Apple will close down iTunes Connect for Christmas (as usual). Also, Apple is closing its services between the 21st of December until the 27th of December. So if you want to see the winter display, make sure you will pay a visit to the store before or after these dates. Have a Merry Apple Christmas!

May 07, 2014