Apple or Android?! Apple, the users say …

The results of a recent study reveal that 20% of the Apple users switched from Android in the past year. There was, is and it always will be a competition between Apple and Android (Samsung, Motorola, HTC and others). I am not here to decide which one is best, or try to convince you to choose one or the other. I am here to share with you the results of a recent study proves that 20% of the Apple users switched away from Android in the last year. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners ran a survey in which they highlighted that both Apple and Samsung enjoy strong brand loyalty from customers, but Apple tends to gain more users than Android. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) Survey questioned 500 people who bought a phone in the previous 90 days. The result shows that iPhone users have a different profile than people who use Samsung phones. To be more specific, every fifth Android user gives up at his device and switch to Apple, meaning that Apple took 20% of Samsung customers while Samsung took only 7% of Apple users between June 2012 to June 2013. 26% of iPhone buyers updated to iPhone from a primary phone while 43 percent already had an Apple phone and upgraded.

On the other hand, Samsung was more popular among people who never had a Smartphone before than the ones who upgraded to Samsung models. Speaking about the customers who switched brands, ⅓ of Apple’s new customers had a Samsung phone before. Looking at Samsung, 11% of Apple customers came to them.

I illustrate Samsung more than other Android manufacturers because Samsung is the one which seems to pull most Android customers with their Smartphones, more than other small manufacturers. The most significant consequence of this fact is that Samsung pulls customers from other Android makers too. The report showed that people who had a BlackBerry, tend to switch to an Apple iPhone while the ones who had HTC, Motorola and Nokia upgrade to Samsung.

The survey participants had to tell their age, income, education, previous phone and new Smartphone. In terms of the age, 69% of the iPhone users are under 34 years old, have masters degrees and earn between £75,000 and £150,000 a year while only 50% of Samsung owners had roughly similar incomes. It is official that the iPhone conquers the hearts of its users and attracts buyers from Android users, which is remarkable!

The survey results determined Daily Mail to draw a conclusion of what your Smartphone says about you:
"iPhone owners are vainer and spend more on clothes and grooming than those who have BlackBerrys and Android phones, according to research from TalkTalk Mobile. BlackBerry owners earn the most and are more likely to have long-term relationships, while people with Android handsets have the best manners and are handy in the kitchen. The study surveyed 2,000 owners of the three major Smartphone brands to determine whether the choice of handset was an extension of their personality.”
May 07, 2014