Hidden iPad features - part two

A few days ago I published the first part of this article called “Hidden iPad features”. Now, it is time for me to complete what I started and share with you the rest of the hidden iPad features. As I said last time as well, discovered either by our friends, our clients or heavy iPad users, and now it is time to share them with you. We shared with you the first seven hidden iPad features on Monday, and now it is time to read another seven: 8. Multitasking gestures Go into Settings > General and you will find a little switch to turn on the Multitasking gestures. This will allow you to use four or five fingers in the same time to do the followings:
  • Pinching few fingers across the screen will return you to the Home Screen
  • Swiping few figures upwards will reveal the multitasking bar. Swiping down again will hide it.
  • A swipe from left to the right between the apps.

9. Zoom Zoom Zoom If you want to use the zoom arrows, but you do not know how, let me tell you how the Zoom works on the iPad. You do not need the arrows you just have to activate this option from the General Settings and then use your fingers. After you turn the feature on, touch the screen twice with three fingers, and you will zoom in that screen area. To go back to the regular screen, double tap once again with three fingers and you finished. 10. Triple click the home button One click of the home button will help you quit any app, double click on the home button will open the multitasking bar, but what does triple click mean? You can turn on the triple click option from the Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple click Home. There, you can activate few features when you press the home button three times in a row. You can have the VoiceOver activated, the ability to invert the colours on the screen, to Zoom or Assistive touch.

11. Digital picture frame On the main iPad screen, next to the “slide to unlock” button you have a little icon with the flower on it. If you press it, you will witness a slideshow of all your pictures stored on the iPad, turning it into a digital picture frame. That is very smart, isn't it?

12. Change your iPad sounds If you start getting tired of your iPad sounds, you can customize them from the General Settings. You can add a Christmas sound, a classic phone, or many others.

13. Access your home computer There were few moments when I wished I had access to my home computer in order to make use of documents. I bet I am not the only one who experienced this need. For the ones in need, I recommend iTeleport. It costs some money, but in emergency moments it’s priceless! From my point of you, it's worth every single penny for allowing you to access your desktop computer or Mac from the whole world through your iPad. You can control downloads, email yourself files from your computer, access and play music, and many others can be done if you leave your computer open. 14. Wipe your iPad When the worst case scenario happens, the iCloud comes to give you a hand. Apart from helping you to find your lost or stolen iPad, the iCloud will allow you to remotely set a passcode and allow you to erase all your data. Of course, you will not be able to track it again after erasing all the data. I am sure there are many other hidden features, so if you know them, why do not you share them with us? The owner of the most unknown one will win an iPad case.
May 07, 2014