Kindle app for iOS - app of the week no. #13

  When you travel around London, you have to fill up your time with something, so if you like reading, you will enjoy the travel time by reading books on the move. You can read them in hard format, or if you are a tech genie, you will use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to download the Kindle app which will make your reading more enjoyable and nicer than before. I was so happy when I’ve heard there is a Kindle app for iOS available on the App Store, and I don’t have to buy the Kindle itself, that I’ve downloaded tens of books and tested all its features! The Kindle app for iOS is provided by and can be downloaded for free, so you can use it as an alternative to the Kindle, at least when it comes to reading. When you open the app, you have to log in with your username and password and then you're taken to your usual Home screen. You can search for previously purchased and downloaded items in your Archived Items area. You have to tap on it, and then tap the item you want to download and enjoy on your iPhone. There are a lot of reading apps in the App Store, but when I considered Kindle, I took into account few characteristics, such as: a built-in dictionary, an easy and fast navigation and search and customization options. And, if possible, synchronize it with my other iOS devices. In order to use the built-in dictionary you have to tap and hold on a word to see its definition, together with links to look up the word on Google or Wikipedia. You can also tap and drag to highlight text and add notes. You can customize its looks in different ways: You have three different themes (black text on white, white text on black, or dark brown text on a sepia-toned background) and three different margin widths. It displays content in color, it allows you to change text fonts and sizes, bookmark pages, and perform other common functions, just like your Kindle. And you can control the brightness too! The new Kindle app update added new features such as line spacing options and multipage highlights. The new line spacing options allows you to adjust the page layout to show text in three different settings: loose, normal, and tight.

The book navigation is very quick: Just swipe or tap to turn pages. The search results load fast, and are simple to navigate. More than this, the WhisperSync technology, remembers your current page in a book in the Kindle app and sync it to every other iOS devices. This sync feature is available only for full versions of books you have purchased, not with samples. In order to get your books, you can use where you can easily search and browse books. Of course, you can use the normal Amazon website from your computer to find books, and they’ll appear within the Kindle app automatically. (Apple prefers you browse the iBookstore via iTunes on your computer, or the iBooks app on your iOS device.) Amazon’s Kindle bookstore selection is huge. Amazon says it has more than 1 million books. What is your favourite app for book reading on your iOS device? Have you got any suggestions? Please leave us a comment below.

May 07, 2014