Login to your iPad with just a single touch

At the moment, iPads and iPhone are passcode protected. But what if, instead, your device could be protected with an fingerprint sensor? It looks like Apple is working on this very development. A year ago, Apple got in touch with AuthenTec, a security company that is involved in fingerprint sensing hardware. It seems likely that Authentec’s hardware might be used to read fingerprints for secure payments, and authentication that works in concert with other information for security purposes. If this starts to be used, it's likely that they'll also consider identifying different users of a single iPad and then automatically switching to their profile. This will make a family iPad more sharable, because when several members of a family use the same iPad at the moment, they all use just one iCloud account – which means they don't receive a personalised experience. This might be the revolutionary solution for iPad multi-users, avoiding the “log out and swap to another user” procedure. The easiest way to do this might be by using the home button, but a recent Apple patent shows that you can do this by scanning the fingerprints from the screen. So you don’t even have to do the transition between the users from the home button, instead by using a layer embedded behind the entire bezel that allows a user to simply hand the iPad off and have the another user log in automatically just by grasping the device. In this way, just taking your fingers off the iPad and then handing it to somebody else who will touch it would automatically switch profiles. Isn’t that much more interesting and smarter! Using the fingerprint sensors for payments may take some more refinement (and trust building). But using the fingerprint sensors for simple user identification seems simple, elegant and efficient – which is what Apple always aims for! Fingerprint sensor
May 07, 2014