New iPhone 5 ad highlights its cool camera

[caption id="attachment_3268" align="aligncenter" width="494"]“Everyday more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other camera” “Everyday more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other camera”[/caption] One of the best iPhone adverts launched so far is a new one called “Photos Every Day”. Rather than focus on the iPhone itself, the new ad focuses on the people who are using it. It doesn’t offer any information about the iPhone 5’s features – it’s just an example of some wonderful movie making. When I saw the new iPhone 5 ad that highlights the iPhone smart camera I thought: well, they should have included my friend in it too! I am talking about a friend who is a photo addict! She loves taking photos of herself and her friends, surroundings, food, drinks, landscapes and other interesting things. And now that she has an iPhone, she can fulfill her hobby easier! Have a quick look at the iPhone 5 ad, if you haven’t seen it so far: In a collection of colorful shots, the iPhone 5 is being used in the ad to take shots and film videos, edit the photos, use the iPhone's panorama feature, and its LED flash. All these highlights that the iPhone 5 new ad final statement is true: “every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera", probably referring to the statistics from Flickr which rank the iPhone as the most popular camera on Flickr. These statistics show that three of the top five most popular cameras on Flickr are iPhones, so it’s fair to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, because Apple has put a lot of effort into improving the iPhone camera in the last few years. Top cameras on Flickr Seeing the world through Apple’s eyes reveals photo addicts just like my friend, who immortalise almost all the moments of their lives: skateboarders that take pictures, joggers who take pictures and shoppers who do it too. So we are all ready to snap from the moment we are awake until we go to bed - sometimes we are afraid of missing a photo opportunity that we might actually miss the feeling of living the moment. We shoot fun situations, close friends, beverages, food and landscapes from the sky and from the ground. Coming back to the photo addicts, are you one of those who want to immortalise every moment of what you do, see, like, eat, drink ... well, record every moment of your life? I can say I am in between - sometimes I like to take photos of what I see, sometimes I prefer to enjoy the moment. Share your way of being towards photography and iPhoneography!
May 07, 2014