iPhone photography competition! Enter our March Giveaway and grab up to £60 of iTunes vouchers

Here at Lovefone we love photography and we all use our iPhones to take pictures. The popularity of the iPhone, together with the convenience of having a pretty good camera on a phone, gave birth to iPhoneography, the art of photography using just an iOS device. That's why we've organised an iPhone photography competition. In one of our previous blog posts we discussed a little about iPhoneography and iPhone camera accessories which can help you take even better pictures. With or without these accessories the iPhone can take some pretty stunning pictures and we would love to see yours! So enter our iPhone photography competition now! Please send us your best picture taken with your iPhone/iPod/iPad and you can win one of the following three prizes: 1st place – a £40 iTunes voucher 2nd place – a £20 iTunes voucher 3rd place – an iPhone case All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to get snapping and then submit your entry using the form below. This iPhone photography competition is open until March 31st. The winners will be announced on April 2nd. Want some tips and inspiration? Check out the National Geographic’s tips for better iPhone photography.
May 07, 2014