iPod touch or iPod classic?!

iPod touch or iPod classic: that is the question. Last week I gave you the low down on the iPod shuffle and iPod nano and so now I'd like to share some info about the iPod touch and iPod classic with you. It’s not that easy to decide which iPod is best for you. There are so many choices and each model has different pros and cons. To get the right one, you need to dig a bit into the subject and consider the various characteristics of each kind. Should you buy an iPod touch with its big screen and internet capabilities? Or is it better to get an iPod classic for the storage space? If you compare models, and check out each one’s design characteristics, software features, weight, battery life, storage capacities and price it should make the decision much easier. The 2013 Apple iPod lineup features a mix of new and old. The outstanding features to be aware of are the iPod touch with its larger screen, and the large memory capacity of the iPod Classic.

iPod touch

iPod touch

At the moment Apple is selling two generations of the iPod touch model – the fourth generation and the fifth one. I will talk a little bit about both of them. The4th generation iPod touch from 2011 is the entry-level option. It has FaceTime, HD video recording, Game Center and iMessage and also comes with a Retina display. Colour-wise, it only comes in black and white, but is sleeker and more streamlined than the iPhone. And just like the iPhone, it is packed full of features and possibilities: you can put all of your apps, games, videos and music on it; and with its wifi, you can use iMessage and FaceTime, check your emails, browse the web and access your social networks. It weighs only 3.5 ounces and the battery lasts up to 40 hours for the audio playback. If you buy the smaller version of 16GB it will cost you £169, and if you want the bigger one of 32GB you’ll need to pay £199. Then there’s Apple's latest iPod touch, the 5th generation iPod touch. This has a new design, with Retina display, an improved camera and Apple's Siri voice assistant. For the first time in the iPod touch’s history, it comes in multiple colours: black, silver, pink, green, red, and blue. As well as Siri, it has all the features of the iPod touch 4th Generation. It’s lighter than the 4th generation model, weighing only 3.1 ounces, and, as before, the battery lasts up to 40 hours for audio playback. Pricing is £249 for a 32GB model, or £329 for 64GB. iPod classic

iPod Classic

The elder statesman of the group, the iPod Classic stays true to its name. You get 160GB of storage for music, video and photos and it is promoted as “the take-everything everywhere iPod”. Colour choices are silver or black, and you can use it to listen to or view music, films, TV programmes, videos, audiobooks, podcasts and photos. It weighs almost five ounces and it has a battery that holds a charge for up to 36 hours of audio playback. It costs £199.

iPod touch vs. iPod classic

If we are to compare these two iPod models, there are a few differences to consider. The iPod touch (as you’d expect from the name) features Apple’s intuitive and responsive touch screen technology, while the Classic uses the older (but once extremely innovative) click wheel. As such, the iPod classic is essentially a “legacy” iPod. However, it’s this very reason that means that it has a much larger storage capacity. Rather than using the iPod touch’s newer solid state – or flash – memory it uses an older “spinning wheel” hard drive. This type of hard drive is unfortunately more liable to failure, but is available in much higher capacities at a lower price. The iPod touch 5th generation has a maximum capacity of 64GB while the iPod classic has a capacity of 160GB, so there is a huge distinction. Because of this, the iPod classic is suitable for people who have very large media collections that they’d like to be able to access while on the move. For everyone else, the iPod touch is probably a better option. It’s available in lots of different colours, you get a fantastic Retina display, you can download apps from the App Store, access the internet and use Apple’s latest iOS features. Have you decided which one is your favourite iPod model? Tell us in the comments which one you have and why you think it's the best one, and you can win an iPod case! Share your thoughts and the best story will win! Or maybe you’ve got a broken iPod touch screen? No worries at all! We can replace it for you in less than an hour, so just visit our website or give us a ring on 020 7078 4341 and we will replace it for you.
May 07, 2014