How to reset your iOS device

There are times when your iPhone, iPod or iPad misbehaves and you need to reset your iOS device. It could be that your iOS device has frozen or is experiencing another software bug. When the device freezes, it will appear dead: the screen will not come on and nothing will happen if you plug the charger or the sync cable. When this occurs, it might be resolved simply with a hard reset. Fortunately, this reset is easy to do and it won't affect the data or settings stored on your iOS device. The device might also feel faster after a hard reset as the memory is completely emptied during this process. All you have to do to reset your iPhone, iPod or iPad is to press and hold both the Power button and the Home button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the Home button and keep pressing the Power button. After a few seconds you should see the Apple logo. If your device's screen is on, wait until it goes off and then release the Home button. While it's displaying the Apple logo, it could take a short while to boot up. Once your normal home screen or passcode appears, the hard reset is complete.
May 07, 2014