Choose the iPhone that needs repairing

We all know that feeling when our phone drops face down on to the floor and we slowly turn it over only to discover that our worst fears are confirmed; the screen has smashed.

But rather than looking into iPhone screen repair many of us will put up with it because the phone still technically works, even if it is just slightly irritating that our view, while playing Candy Crush or scrolling through our Facebook timeline, is distorted by the imperfection.

However, aside from it leaving sharp, protruding edges that could cause harm to the user, the seemingly small amount of damage could be doing far more to your phone than you first realise. Potentially it could be destroying your battery as well as leaving the phone open to further (much more expensive) damage.

While Lovefone is able to have your screen looking as good as new in less than one hour, you probably won’t be able to get here as soon as it smashes. A temporary solution like a screen protector or sugru obviously isn’t a permanent fix, but will hold it together and prevent cuts until you are able to take advantage of our iPhone screen repair service.