Yoga Apps to Help you Practice

Yoga Apps to Help you Practice - Lovefone, London

You might think mobile phones and yoga is not exactly a match made in heaven. After all, yoga is associated with relaxation and getting some respite from your everyday worries, while mobile phones, with the constant notifications, WhatsApp messages and social media updates, make you constantly confront them.

However, there are a number of mobile apps out there that can keep you in touch with your yoga instructor wherever you go, and that can’t be a bad thing. This is our round-up of some of the best yoga apps for Android and iOS devices to help you with every aspect of your yoga practice, wherever you are.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is the perfect app for yogis on the go. Available on iOS and Android devices, it's an excellent all-round app for those from beginner practitioners all the through to advanced. The app, with over 300 poses and 40 built-in sessions, offers a wide range of HD video sequences to help you perfect your moves as well as vocal instruction and specialised programmes you can tailor to meet your needs.

iYoga Premium

For more advanced Yoga practitioners, iYoga Premium, available on iOS devices, gives users an incredibly detailed level of insight into the muscle groups they use while doing each pose. It also has a library of poses with built-in sequences and a sequence builder so you can create your own. If you’re interested in anatomy and want to engage particular muscle groups during your yoga sessions, this is the app for you. 


Kids Yogaverse: I Am Sun, I Am Moon

For kids who are developing an early interest in Yoga, the Kids Yogaverse series of apps for iOS devices is an excellent way to get them started. This colourful app features carefully crafted stories that feature 19 different yoga poses against hand-painted backdrops to keep children engaged and entertained. There are also some games that kids can play while practising their poses to keep the whole thing light-hearted and fun.    

Relax Melodies

If you have trouble shutting off, whether it’s during your yoga session or when you’re trying to sleep, then try Relaxing Melodies for iOS and Android. Featuring 50 ambient sounds and four brainwave beats, you can discover the power of sound for sleep and relaxation and even create your own soundscapes. 

Breathing properly is central to your ability to relax and focus. Learning breathing techniques that fill your blood with oxygen is not only an important part of yoga, but it can also make you feel calmer and more centred in your day-to-day life. This app, available on Android and iOS, teaches you the art of ‘mindful breathing’ so you can reap the rewards of this ancient practice, wherever you are. 

 Do these app work wonders for you? Perhaps we missed one of your favourites? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.





October 05, 2017