What we Miss about Old Phones

What we Miss about Old Phones - Lovefone, London

The new iPhone 8 was released last week to what, by Apple’s standards, was surprisingly little fanfare. Rather than endless queues outside Apple’s Flagship Regent Street store in London, there was what can best be described as a small smattering of diehard fans. In fact, so muted was the response, that tech journalists and industry commentators are starting to wonder whether the hysteria that once surrounded the release of new phones is starting to quell.

Could it be that people are growing tired of paying a premium for the latest version of their handheld device? With price tags of nearly £1,000 become a standard, they’re certainly not getting any cheaper. And with the refurbished phones industry booming, perhaps consumers are starting to look back wistfully at the phones of old? But what is it they miss?

The old ringtones

These days, the choices are limited depending on the smartphone you use. This is a deliberate part of phone manufacturer's marketing strategy who aim to make their device instantly recognisable, even when you're not looking at it (very clever!). But there was a time when you could inject a bit of personality into your ringtone and pick a song you liked from the charts or a funny sound effect.     

We Miss the Originality

Didn’t it seem like there were more options before? Sony Eriksson, Blackberry, Nokia, Razor, LG, and many more. Now, everyone and their dog has an iPhone or a Samsung, and with that level of ubiquity often comes the dreaded brand fatigue. We’ll have to wait until November when the iPhone X hits the shelves in a few weeks to see whether Brits have really lost their appetite for Apple (pun intended).

The Old Games

There are plenty of mobile games that have had their day, but nothing will ever reach the heights of Snake 2. Yes, you might be able to download the latest version of Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft on your smartphone these days, but who really cares? When it comes down to it, all we really want is the simplicity of four buttons, lots of apples (well, they looked like apples!), mice and other tasty bites and one hungry snake. If you want to play snake on your smartphone, then you'll have to Google it!    

We knew where we stood with the Tech

You never forget the excitement of the day you bought your first smartphone, but if we fast forward to today, nothing really hits that same mark. iPhone and Samsung used to redefine what could be done, but at times, it can feel like the features of the newest phones are only slightly upgraded from the last. Are we tired of investing our hard earned money in a device that has a slightly bigger screen? It feels like they're holding something back from us. 

Pure Nostalgia

As adults, we're all guilty of indulging in the things we loved when we were kids. That’s why we see nightclubs cropping up around London with ball pits and bouncy castles, and why retro video games are still selling like hotcakes on eBay. Perhaps there’s something about our first phone which reminds us of a simpler time. That coupled with the retro features and more basic functions meant we knew exactly where we stood with it.  

What do you miss about the old iPhones? Or perhaps you’re very happy with the current crop? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

September 28, 2017