Useful guide: how to reset your Apple ID password

Useful guide: how to reset your Apple ID password - Lovefone, London

When you go to buy an app in the App Store, you need to enter your Apple ID password. But your mind blanks. You can’t remember when the last time was that you actually had to type it in. You try hard to concentrate, and you type in what you think it might be, but it comes up invalid. Naturally, you begin to panic.

Take a deep breath. Everything’s fine, all your info is safe, and your screen won’t spontaneously shatter from broken trust. Forgetting passwords happens to all of us. When it happens to you, make use of this handy guide, and we’ll walk you through the whole process, step by step.

    First things first!

      Using a trusted device, go to your Apple ID Account page, and click on “Forgot Apple ID Password.” Here, you’ll type in your Apple ID and click “Continue.”

      Now, from here there are a few different methods to resetting your password. Which one you should use will depend on how much security you chose during the setup of your Apple ID way back when you first got your phone. Simply click on the option that applies to you.

        The security questions

          Here you will answer your initially chosen security questions with the answers you personally set up. This option is the fastest and easiest, but it also requires the least amount of security (make sure your answers are top-secret when you set them up). Simply follow the prompts, and reset your password.

            Check your email

              Apple will send an email with further instructions to your primary email address, or your rescue email if you chose to add one (this simply offers additional security, and anyone with an iPhone has the option of adding one for free). Go to your email, and again, follow the given prompts.

                 A. Onto two-factor authentication

                  If you chose “Two Factor Authentication” during setup to increase your phone’s security, you have a few more steps to take, and your trusted device needs to be enabled with a “device passcode.”

                  1. Go to (Yes, that’s the real name. That’s how common forgetting your Apple ID password is. Feel better?)
                  2. Type in your Apple ID.
                  3. Type in your trusted phone number, and click “Continue.”
                  4. When the notification pops up, click “Allow.”
                  5. The prompts will then help you to enter your device passcode and reset your password.

                    B. Or two-step verification

                      Two Step Verification ensures your phone is even more secure from anyone who might want your information. It does require more steps however, if you do forget your password. Not to worry, here’s what to do:

                      1. Go to, and type in your Apple ID.
                      2. Type in your Recovery Key, and click “Continue.”
                      3. Wait for the special verification code that Apple will send to your trusted device.
                      4. When prompted, type in that verification code.
                      5. Type in a new password and click “Reset Password.”

                       Forgetting your password is an incredibly human thing to do. Next time you forget yours (and there will be a next time), come back to our guide, and remember that it’s not a big deal. There are many unfortunate reasons you may need to reset a password, and simply forgetting it is by far the least scary.

                      Apple makes resetting your password pretty easy, and we’ve done our best to make it even easier.

                      August 03, 2016
                      Rae Avery