Top 12 weirdest phone cases

Top 12 weirdest phone cases - Lovefone, London

#1 Thumbs Up Ear case

The Thumbs Up Ear Case is perhaps the silliest smartphone case I can think of. When you hold your phone to your ear it looks like you have a giant ear. It doesn’t get much uglier than that. Ok, maybe it does.

    #2 Hana iPhone case

    How does the saying go? “You can’t pick your nose, but you can pick your iPhone’s nose.” The Hana iPhone case has nostrils on the back so that you can hold your phone by sticking your fingers into the nostrils. I wonder if you’ll find some rare minerals in there.

      #3 Japanese Hand case

      The hand case wins for creepiest iPhone case. You can choose between two different life-like hand models for you to hold while holding your phone… Ok. Moving on.

        #4 Yellow Jacket Taser case

        The Yellow Jacket iPhone case is a phone case with a taser at the end of it. Carrying a taser isn’t uncommon, so why not attach one to your most-used possession?

          #5 Pepper Spray iPhone case

          Another weapon/iPhone case hybrid, the Spraytect Pepper Spray iPhone case has a little slot on the side to insert a can of pepper spray. This case could actually save your life.

            #6 The Knucklecase

              The Kucklecase is a phone case with brass knuckles on the side. However, they’re not built for actual self-defense—they just look cool. You’d probably break the case and the phone if you actually used them, so don’t. If our warning was too late, we can fix your phone for you!

                #7 IN1 Utility Case

                The IN1 utility iPhone case is a little weird, but I could actually see myself using it. It’s got compartments on the back that hold tools like screwdrivers, a nail file, tweezers, scissors, and even a toothpick. This puts “using your phone as a tool” to a whole new level.

                  #8 Gun iPhone Case

                  This one is just terrible. It’s shaped like a gun so that you can hold it like a gun. And point it at people, I guess. Or cause a panic, and maybe get arrested.

                    #9 The JoeyBra

                    The JoeyBra is just a bra with a pocket on the side to hold your phone, your wallet, or whatever you want. Great for when you want to feel like a spy or like you have a kangaroo pouch under your armpit. It’s called a “Joey” bra afterall.

                      #10 The Tonefone

                      The Tonefone is both ridiculous and… dare I say genius? The Tonefone is the heaviest iPhone case ever, weighing three pounds. Heavy for a phone, not heavy for a weight. But then again, if you’re glued to your smartphone all day, that might actually add up to a good workout.

                        #11 iEqualizer

                        The iEqualizer iPhone case is a pretty cool toy. It’s got a fake equaliser on the back that actually reacts to sounds and music and lights up. It even has a little fake speaker on the top. If you like useless gadgets and need a smartphone case, look no further.

                          #12 Whale iPhone case

                              This whale iPhone case is very pleasing to look at, and has some neat features. The tail doubles as a handle so you don’t drop your phone, you can wrap your headphones around it, it works as a stand, and the hump of the whale’s back adds a tiny bit of storage. And my favourite feature of all: the blowhole is the headphone jack!

                              September 08, 2016
                              Dia Ascenzi