The top 10 of iOS 10: what’s coming for your iPhone

The top 10 of iOS 10: what’s coming for your iPhone - Lovefone, London

With Apple’s 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, or WWDC, coming to a close this past week, there are plenty of reasons to start getting excited for the autumn release of the iPhone 7 and its compadre, iOS 10. Apple has unveiled a totally new facelift for its next software drop including these 10 features you can look forward to.

10. Memories

iOS 10 Photos Memories

If you were impressed by your photo app’s ability to categorise photos by date, you’ll surely be amazed by the 10 billion unique computations per photo that the app will now perform in order to produce smart albums. These albums are created around the information that the computations find based on place, faces, and time, and can even create highlight reels.

9. Voicemail Transcription

Spam messages be gone! No longer do you have to listen to your voicemails if you don’t want to. Apple has introduced voicemail transcription that will convert the speech in your voicemails into text. Don’t expect automatic transcription to be perfect however, as you’ll likely only get the main idea. But really, that’s all you need.

8. Image Stabilisation

iOS 9 on the iPhone 6S brought us Live Photos, which give off a gif-like effect, but are actually just a burst of about 45 individual frames. Not only will iOS 10 have that same neat feature, but now the photos will be clearer due to the new image stabilisation. You can also send these Live Photos in iMessage, making sharing your experience much more life-like.

7. QuickType

The iPhone keyboard is getting some swagger now as well, with QuickType bringing “Siri intelligence to the keyboard.” This software will use information from other applications to suggest a response, thus saving you time. Examples of potential uses would be suggesting your location via Maps when somebody asks you where you are, or pulling Contacts information when someone asks about a certain phone number.

6. Siri

Though Siri doesn’t have the best reputation for her intelligence, she is getting a bit of an improvement with the opening of the service to third party developers, meaning that you can now give her commands that activate non-Apple apps. The Mac update for laptops and computers will now be able to access Siri as well.

5. Maps

iOS 10 Maps

Advancements to Maps will now let you pay for Uber with Apple Pay without even leaving the app, filter your searches, get suggested destinations, and give more accurate timing and routes by taking traffic into account. Not sold yet? Well, the latest addition to the app can even remember where you parked your car. Pretty clever.

4. Storage Optimisation

Continuing on with the cleverness of iOS 10, we come to the software’s newfound ability to clean up your phone’s data storage for you. Haven’t used a file or listened to a song in a long time? Your phone will prompt you to delete these items and free up storage space on your phone.

3. “Raise to Wake” & Interactive Notifications

iOS 10 Screen Lock Notifications

One of the biggest updates coming with iOS 10 is in the lock screen. You will now be able to respond to a dynamic range of notifications in multiple ways with 3D Touch, and wake the screen up and go to the home screen simply by raising the phone. Instead of ‘Slide to Unlock,’ you’ll now have ‘Press Home to Open’ and be able to get to your home screen even faster. So much will now be able to be done on your iPhone without ever even leaving the lock screen.

2. Messages

iOS 10 iMessage

Rich link sharing—showing previews of the webpage—will be a completely new feature. Emojis will be three times their original size, and will now have a QuickType of their own, allowing the keyboard to predict which emoji you would use in your message (or even replace words in the sentence with them). Messages can be sent with various visual effects including bubble, bulge, light shows, invisible ink, and handwritten messages with Digital Touch. iMessage just became a lot more interesting!

And finally, we arrive at number one. What could possibly be our most loved new feature on iOS 10, if not a load of revitalisation and fun added to its most used app? It’s what users have been asking for through generations of iPhones, and one that Apple conveniently left out of its keynote presentation.

And finally...

1. You can now delete those ugly, preinstalled apps!

iOS 10 Delete Stock Apple Apps

As for its release date, well, it’s currently just rumor and speculation, much like the news of the iPhone 7 itself. Though one thing we do know for sure is it won’t be flexible. However, every major iOS version has been released to the public parallel to the release of the newest iPhone. This has been the case ever since the introduction of the iPhone 5 in September, 2012. History tends to repeat itself, and we see no reason why Apple would change its timeline now, so feel free to count down those days on your calendar! Unless of course, you’re one of those lucky people with a developer account that can access the iOS 10 developer preview right this very moment. Regardless, the rest of us commoners will be waiting for any news of its release with wide eyes and bated breath.

June 23, 2016