The obsession with smashing iPhones

The obsession with smashing iPhones - Lovefone, London

Is it rage, or is it fascination? Perhaps both? Ever since we’ve been making unreliable electronics, humans have been smashing them. But unlike beating that copier (that had it coming) to death, a growing trend has emerged of people becoming fascinated with seeing others smash their phones, and sometimes even post their own videos.

For many people, their iPhone is the most sophisticated (or even expensive) electronic device they own. Even if they own a nice computer or game system, almost anything is easier to replace than an entire phone tied to a data plan or network provider, making a modern person who loses or breaks their phone feel like a lost wallet would to someone back in the 90’s. Even worse, if you use Apple Pay or Google Wallet, your smartphone is your wallet, too.

Yet still, with so much wrapped up in these tiny devices, many people find themselves obsessed with seeing them smashed to bits. Or blended. Or incinerated. A lot of tech goes into an iPhone. Aren’t you a little curious?


Some may even try a blender (only works for Blendtec blenders)! On a less fake channel though, the famous YouTube sensation Hydraulic Press VS goes to town on an iPhone in this video with nearly 400,000 views!

This flash game also allows you to more safely satisfy your inner iPhone-smasher. This somewhat janky mobile app is a surprisingly fun and cathartic experience. Shoot your phone, beat it with a hockey stick, and take a blowtorch to that bad boy.


Putting caution to the wind, however, one Frenchman went on a rampage in an Apple Store smashing iPhones and iPads with a Boules Ball, which, as What’s Trending points out, is definitely the most French thing about this video set in the city of Dijon.


I can’t tell if this is terrible parenting, great parenting, or a totally fake video, but smashing a kid’s iPhone as punishment definitely makes for an interesting video and feeds the rest of our obsession with smashing iPhones. I guess we can tell what the dad’s thought is on child screen use. I bet he thinks smartphone’s are making us stupid too. Easier to smash your kid’s iPhone than help him with his homework, I guess!

For science

30 iPhones smashed for science

Apple gets tons of gold from recycled iPhones. So while we can empathize with the impulse to smash an iPhone and will binge-watch these videos with the rest of you, the amount of rare earth minerals in a smartphone makes recycling a much more environmentally friendly method of disposal.

With that disclaimer, the most noble and satisfying video I’ve managed to come across is not one full of rage or anarchic destructionism. If you have such an obsession with smashed phones, may I present to you the pièce de résistance, 30 working iPhones smashed with a hammer, for science. At nearly 7 million views, this video definitely takes the crown for satisfying our obsession with smashing iPhones.

October 20, 2016
Andrew Hendricks