The Best Slack Chat Commands

The Best Slack Chat Commands - Lovefone, London


Ever heard of Slack? No? Well, then you probably don’t work in an office.

 Although the name might not sound like it, according to the strapline, Slack is ‘where work happens’. Slack is a workplace messaging platform that allows you to chat with your favourite work colleagues who sit on the other side of the room. And right now, it’s the messenger pretty much every workplace or school group seems to be using.

What makes Slack so special is the fact that it can be used across multiple devices and platforms and is equipped with a mind-boggling array of features to use when chatting one-on-one and in groups. It can also integrate with other apps and services such as Skype and video calls, and...... wait for it....... it also lets you create your very own custom emojis!

Perhaps the best bit of all though is the Slack chat shortcuts and commands you can use to turbo-charge your team chats. Here are a few of the best...

Say it with a /shrug

Where would the world be without a good old shrug? Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words. In this case, it says two: ‘Oh well’.

The boss thinks your last piece of work was terrible


You make the worst tea in the office


Someone’s just vandalised your car

/shrug. Wait hang on… did you say MY car?

Custom emojis

Okay, so this is not a Slack command, but it’s a feature that can be a lot of fun, sorry, we mean really help you with your work. Unless your admin has disabled it, just head to this URL and you can customise your own emoji. All you need is a name to use for the emoji’s shortcut and a 128x128 image. Why not add emojis of the faces of everyone in the team to really boost productivity?  

Go gaga for GIFs


If you’re the sort of person who has a GIF for every human emotion, Giphy interaction with Slack means you can just type /giphy [any words here] to dump the appropriate GIF into the channel. Play around with this for a few hours and your efficiency will know no bounds.

And to make those GIFs disappear when your boss is looking over your shoulder, just type /collapse

Subscribe to RSS feeds

If you need quick access to a particular news channel or website, just type /feed subscribe – followed by the URL, to get a Slack notification every time a new item is published.

Talk about yourself in the third person

All the coolest people talk about themselves in the third person, and now you can join them. Just type the command /me [followed by your message] to get instant admiration from your friends.

Set reminders

Fed up of asking your most forgetful colleagues to remind you of things. Now Slack has the answer. Rather than burdening your already overworked and underpaid desk mates, just use the command /remind and Slack will privately remind you to do it.

/remind me to do some work in 45 minutes.

It’s as easy as that.



Do you have some favourite Slack chat commands of your own? Please join our group conversation in the comments below.
November 10, 2017