Smartphones most Likely to Die on the Operating Table

Smartphones most Likely to Die on the Operating Table - Lovefone, London

We keep more or less our entire life on our smartphones, so when something goes wrong, it’s hardly surprising you’ll want to get it fixed. Unfortunately, as your phone ages, crashes, bugs, screen cracks and battery fails become a fact of life. Thankfully, many of these issues can be repaired by a professional smartphone repair team.

When it comes to the operating table, not all smartphones are born equal. Certain repairs and refurbishments on some models can be performed cheaply and quickly, while on others, even a seemingly small issue can sound the death knell for your phone.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best and worst smartphones for repairs and will answer some of the most common questions we’re asked. 

How repairable is your phone?


From an environmental perspective, the more phones we can repair, the lower the amount of e-waste created, which has to be a good thing. So you’d think making repairable phones would be high on the list of the manufacturers’ priorities, but that’s rarely the case.

The good news is that most smartphones are repairable, however, we recommend you take them to a professional to avoid expensive mishaps!   

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Reparability rating 2/5

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a relatively low reparability rating mainly due to the strong adhesives which make it difficult to disassemble and repair. The front and back glass can be relatively easily broken but are thankfully not as expensive to replace as the glass on the iPhone 8. On a more positive note, many of the components can be independently replaced.


Reparability rating 3/5

The LG G5 had an excellent reparability rating of 4/5 but that has fallen on the recent model due to the crack-able front and back glass panels and the strong adhesives that have been used. Adhesive has also been used to stick many of the phone’s component to the back of a fused display assemble which makes them difficult to replace.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8+

Reparability rating 3/5

Many aspects of Apple’s latest offering are relatively simple to repair. There’s easy access to the battery and wireless charging reduces strain on the single port. However, the big issue is damage caused to the rear glass. Apple claims this glass is ‘the most durable ever in a smartphone’, but unfortunately, it’s not unbreakable. If you do damage this glass then it can be more expensive to fix than the screen.

Could you repair your smartphone yourself?


If you feel like the damage done to your smartphone is likeable to be a relatively easy fix, you might want to try fixing the phone yourself using resources you can find online. However, we would advise you to think very carefully before you try this because there is a high chance you'll cause further damage to the phone and you could be infringing your warranty rights.  

Is Battery Replacement Easy?


Batteries have finite lifecycles, so you’d like to think the phone manufacturers would make them easy to remove and replace. However, in the majority of modern smartphones, the batteries are either difficult or impossible to replace due to the strong adhesives used to fix the battery to the casing. Many manufacturers also refuse to provide spare parts like batteries to repair shops.

Looking for Leading Smartphone Repair?

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January 22, 2018