Most Useful AI Apps Out At the Moment

Most Useful AI Apps Out At the Moment - Lovefone, London


Have you ever had the nagging feeling that life as you know it is more difficult than it needs to be? Well, there’s an app for that. You might think artificial intelligence belongs in the realm of science fiction, but AI applications are here right now. You’ve probably heard of the iPhone’s famous Siri, but that’s not the only artificial intelligence app out there. In fact, there are some excellent AI applications you can download for Android and iOS to make your life just that little bit easier.

Here are some of the best...

Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It allows you to conduct voice activated internet searches and commands and can answer your questions, make recommendations, post to social media and perform actions by delegating requests to a range of web services. Google Now isn’t platform-specific and is available on both Android and iOS devices, although its hardware controlling capabilities are limited on iOS.  

Recent News

Recent News is a smartphone app, powered by artificial intelligence, which brings you news stories that have been customised to meet your particular tastes. The AI learns your interests, suggests relevant articles and proposes topics you might like to follow in the future. Based on your previous reading, it also brings you a one-minute news summary for a quick news fix wherever you are.

Recent news is available on Android and iOS

Elsa (English Language Speaking Assistant)

Speak to most non-native English speakers and they’ll tell you just how difficult the English language is to learn. What with its strange spellings and inexplicable pronunciation, English is riddled with pitfalls for even the most talented language learners. Elsa, available on Android and iOS, is the artificial intelligence app you need, offering professional pronunciation coaching with a series of exercises and teaching material that’ll get your accent up to scratch.

Download for free on Android and iOS.   

Stifr Magic Cleaner

Are you fed up of trawling through your smartphone looking for junk photos you can delete to free up some space? The Stifr Magic Cleaner is one of the best AI apps out there. It uses a series of machine learning algorithms to scrutinise your images and determine what’s important and what’s trash. It then separates the two so you can remove all those unwanted WhatsApp photos in just one tap.

Download now on Android or iOS.


Following the launch of Windows 10, Cortana has become one of the best-known AI applications, helping you manage tasks you would otherwise need your hands to do. That includes scheduling meetings, sending emails and searching for products online. The personal assistant you always needed but could never afford is now available on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Download on Android and iOS.

Are there any AI applications you rely on to do the hard work for you? Share your recommendations in the comments section below.



June 26, 2017