iPhone 8 release date, rumours and news

iPhone 8 release date, rumours and news - Lovefone, London

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The Apple iPhone 7 may have only been released in September, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s tech geeks uniting in their anticipation of what this year’s offering, the much vaunted iPhone 8, will bring.   

Why all the excitement? Well, the iPhone 8 is expected to be a lot more than ‘just another iPhone’. Given that 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, hushed whispers in the tech world are suggesting Apple has something big in mind for the latest incarnation of the world’s most powerful personal device.

The word is that Apple has been holding back some pretty groundbreaking features, so we have kept our ears to the ground for the latest iPhone 8 rumours about just what these could be. We will also be adding to this post as anything new is published, so come the release date, you’ll be able to see just how right or wrong we’ve been.

Here’s what we know (or think we know) so far... 

A radical redesign

iPhone 8 rumours suggest there’s a radical redesign in store, with an edge-to-edge display set to do away with the top and bottom bezels where the front-facing camera and fingerprint sensor are held. Instead, the camera and Touch ID will be built directly into the display to create a single, seamless sheet of glass.

A giant display

The new edge-to-edge design will allow Apple to maximise the size of the iPhone 8’s screen, with a rumoured 5.8-inch display boasting 5.15 inches of usable space. The remaining three-quarters of an inch will be dedicated to virtual buttons to replace the existing ‘Home’ button.  The display itself is also muted to be flexible plastic OLED, rather than LCD, allowing for a thinner device that offers a higher contrast ratio and more true to life colours while consuming less power. 

Next level selfies

If your selfie game is already strong, the iPhone 8’s ‘revolutionary’ new camera could help you step things up a notch. Information released by a reliable source suggests the iPhone 8’s camera will use infrared technology to detect the location and depth of objects in its field of vision, perhaps even enabling facial and iris recognition. The camera could also be used in augmented reality games to replace a character’s head with the face of the user.   

Three models made from glass

Apple is expected to turn back the clock to readopt the incredibly slick glass-backed body used in the iPhone 4. Although glass is heavier and more fragile than the aluminium Apple has used for its recent models, the latest advances have made glass sturdier than ever before. Rumours have also suggested there will be three versions of the iPhone 8, with all sharing the same glass-bodied design.  

A power boost

In terms of how things will look behind the scenes, it’s very likely the iPhone 8 will run iOS 11, although the new features this will contain remain to be seen. A fast quad-core processor is expected to drive this sleek beast along with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.   

iPhone 8 release dates

Apple traditionally releases its new offering in the first two weeks of September. However, there has been some speculation it may break with this tradition and launch its flagship product earlier than expected. If it’s feeling particularly nostalgic, the first iPhone was released 29 June, so that could be a date to look out for. If we receive any more information about prospective iPhone 8 release dates, you’ll be the first to know.

March 13, 2017