iPhone 8 has been RELEASED: But do the rumours match reality?

iPhone 8 has been RELEASED: But do the rumours match reality? - Lovefone, London

Have you been witness to hushed whispers around the water cooler at work? Well don’t worry, they’re not talking about your choice of shoes given the important company meeting scheduled for later in the day. What you’re witnessing is the rumour mill in action, and that’s because the iPhone 8 has been unveiled this week!

Be warned though, despite the phone being released today (12/9/17) don’t expect to see the iPhone 8 to appear in the shops immediately. There have been reports of limited availability which means most customers probably won’t get their hands on the new iPhone until the final quarter of 2017. 

So What's New?

The latest version of the best-selling smartphone is expected to be a radical change for the company, which will seek to wow its fans with this special 10th-anniversary device. At the moment, we think the iPhone 8 is going to be called the iPhone X and could cost somewhere in the region of £1,000 – yes, you read that right.   

Where can you see the Release?

As well as the iPhone X, it’s looking increasingly likely that the iPhone 8 Plus will also make an appearance at the grand unveiling this evening. That’s pretty confusing given that the iPhone 8 is supposed to be the name of this year’s new device, so you’ll have to wait and see what all these different product names mean.

Those who have long awaited the arrival of the iPhone X should set their alarms for 6pm this evening (that’s Tuesday 12 September) to watch the official release. Where can you watch it? On Apple’s official website of course.   

Why are there so many different product names?

Good question. That’s because we’re still dealing with rumours that there has been very little information from Apple to confirm or deny. What we’re expecting to see today is for Apple to break with tradition and release two phones all on the same day: the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus.

If we look at Apple’s track record then we can get an idea what these new phones will be. The company usually releases a completely new design one year, following up with slight upgrades the year after. So, following that logic, the iPhone 8 Plus will feature relatively minor upgrades on the iPhone 7. That leaves the iPhone X, which will be the all-singing, all-dancing new phone we’ve all been getting so excited about.  

iPhone X features

In terms of its features, the iPhone X will boast facial recognition, an edge-to-edge 18:9 display, wireless charging and, for the first time ever – no home button. Leaked information also suggests a rear fingerprint scanner and biometric security, like on the Samsung Galaxy 8, will also make an appearance too.

In terms of the colour of the handsets, the latest leaks suggest the iPhone X will come in at least three colours, but possibly more. The experts think black, white and copper or gold are all likely, but we’ll have to wait for the launch this evening for official confirmation.

September 13, 2017