iPhone 7: everything we know

iPhone 7: everything we know - Lovefone, London

Nobody quite knows what the iPhone 7 looks like or what features it has. The number of rumors floating around is both exciting and frustrating – and some are quite frankly ridiculous. We’ve put them all together here. 

Apple has a habit of reliably releasing their flagship phones in the autumn, right around early to mid-September - and the iPhone 7 will be no different. That means it’s coming out… Very soon. Here’s what we know about it so far.

When will The iPhone 7 Be Launched?

The iPhone 7 will be almost certainly be launched on 7 September. The event starts at 6PM UK time and there will be many ways to follow the events live, including through Apple itself after having recently launched its own Twitter account.

Waterproof? And No Headphone Jack?

There are rumors that the iPhone 7 will be completely waterproof, which makes sense since it seems Apple will be getting rid of the headphone jack. The iPhone 7 will instead use the Lightning charging port, or connect headphones via Bluetooth. Let’s just hope the headphones aren’t as tiny as this concept shows…

Images also hint that the iPhone 7 will include a Smart Connector like the ones found on the newer iPads. We aren’t sure what purpose this would serve on an iPhone, since the iPad primarily used them for an attachable keyboard.

Full-screen Immersive Design And A Sleek New Colour

The iPhone 7 is expected to come in the usual colours (Space Grey, silver, gold, the beautiful rose gold), and now also in what they are calling Space Black. The antenna lines may be moved from across the back of the phone to along the edges of the top and bottom.

Perhaps the biggest potential change is that Apple may do away with the iconic home button that has been around since the original iPod. This would mean that the whole front of the phone could be used as a screen, prompting some pretty good-looking concept images like this:

3D Photography And A Dual Lens

The camera lens is rumored to be significantly bigger and better quality, which any iPhone user would be happy with. Who can say no to a better camera? There is even talk of a dual-lens design for at least one version of the iPhone 7. This would mean the possibility of capturing 3D photos. We’re excited about that one.

iOS 10 – And No More Home Button?

The iPhone 7 will run on iOS 10, in case you never know what iOS version you are using. Interestingly, iOS 10 has a feature that allows you to unlock the phone without using the home button. Is that another hint that they will be getting rid of the home button? Hmmm.

Finally, More Storage For Selfies!

It seems that Apple is upgrading from their previous 16GB bottom line. The iPhone 7 will likely start at 32GB, and go all the way up to a possible 128GB or even 256GB. Sheesh. You won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

Are you excited about the launch of the iPhone 7? Heard any crazy rumours? Know something that others don’t? Let us know in the comments below!

September 04, 2016
Dia Ascenzi