Emoji Meanings: What Emojis Are Supposed To Mean Vs What They Actually Mean

Emoji Meanings: What Emojis Are Supposed To Mean Vs What They Actually Mean - Lovefone, London

Who would have thought, given the incredible level of progression and evolution civilisation has gone through, that in 2017 we’d be communicating with one another in smiling, shocked or disgruntled faces? Languages like latin are dying out and levels of language learning in UK schools are down, but send your friend a picture of a pint of beer and there’s the universal understanding that you’re heading to the pub.

Beyond the obvious emoji meanings, there are plenty of emojis that society as a whole has taken to mean one thing, but were actually intended for a very different purpose. Join us as we take you through the emoji dictionary so you can see exactly what those little pics are meant to mean vs. what we think we mean.

Triumphant Emoji Face Meaning

This little guy looks furious. There’s steam coming out of what can only be described as a non-existent nose and raised brows to create the impression of an emoji that’s thoroughly peeved.

The real emoji meaning: It might not look like it, but this emoji is actually in the midst of a triumphant high. It has just won an argument, lifted loads of weights at the gym or given a killer presentation at work and is now living the dream. Have it!

Tired Emoji Face Meaning

This looks like the kind of emoji you’d use after dropping your chicken biryani all over the floor. Or you’ve just asked someone out and it turns out they really weren’t interested at all.


The real emoji meaning: This overly dramatic emoji is just tired. It’s had been a hard day, things have clearly got a bit much and it’s time to go to bed.    

The Keep Quiet Emoji Meaning

This chap looks fairly innocent, if anything it’s just making an effort to keep things on the down-low with the lack of a mouth clearly indicating to keep quiet.

 The real emoji meaning: There’s actually quite a sinister undertone to this emoji according to the official emoji dictionary. This chap has actually been scared into silence, so if you like sending threats by emoji, this could be the one for you. 

Victory Sign Emoji Meaning

That’s the universally accepted sign for peace isn’t it? The kind of sign you’d use to send some kind of hippy vibe by text.  

The real emoji meaning: Apparently, the peace sign is actually a sign for victory, the kind of salute you might make if you’ve just bought an incredible pair of shoes, scored a blinding goal on FIFA or bought a brand new flat with your own roof garden!

Help Desk Emoji Meaning

This smiley but nonchalant girl looks like she could be given it a load of sass with the shrug of the shoulders and one hand up as if to say that’s not my problem girlfriend.  

The real emoji meaning: Don’t let the nonchalance fool you. It turns out that this young woman actually wants to help. If you need advice, this is the emoji you should use to ask for it.

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May 24, 2017