Comparing Flight Comparison Apps

Comparing Flight Comparison Apps - Lovefone, London

After the recent Ryanair debacle which disrupted the travel plans of some 700,000 passengers, low-cost flights might not be everyone’s favourite topic of conversation. However, the good news is that in the UK, there’s an unprecedented level of competition between the airlines, so there are plenty of companies you can book with. It also means many flights are now cheaper than they have ever been before.

But with so many airlines out there, how do you find the perfect flight for you? That’s where these handy flight comparison apps can help...


Let’s start with what we think is probably the best flight comparison app there is. Along with its speed and usability, the features that really set this apart are:

  • The price chart - which shows you the cheapest day to travel within a given time period.
  • The explore option – which means you can search for cheap flights without knowing where you want to go. You can then decide your location based on the results.

The app free to download on Android and iOS devices and can also help you find affordable car hire and accommodation deals, making it a handy travel companion indeed. The only drawback is that not all airlines show up on its searches, including Ryanair in Europe, which does have some of the cheapest flights.     


Kayak is a beautifully designed app with simplicity at its core. In fact, it’s arguably the easiest of all the flight comparison apps to use, meaning you can search, filter and sort results quickly and book a flight in no more than five minutes. It’s also free on iOS and Android.

Some of the app’s most notable features include price alerts when there are any changes, airport gate information, and a flight tracker. However, in recent times, Kayak may have ever so slightly lost its way. The interface has been redesigned and if anything it’s now less intuitive than it was before. You’d also be wise to untick the ‘Compare with eDreams and Expedia’ boxes to avoid a barrage of pop-ups. 


Available on Android and iOS, this app has a colourful, friendly design and manages to pack plenty of information into a relatively small space.

If it’s multi-city flights you’re looking for then Momondo could be the best app for you. In tests, Momondo excels when it comes to multi-city bookings, outperforming its rivals when finding the best prices for complex, short trips. If you have the flexibility to shift the dates you travel by a day or two, the bar charts at the top of the screen also give you a quick glimpse of the estimated flight price. 


Kiwi, the brainchild of a Czech start-up, is the new app on the block in this space and offers unbeatable usability and a powerful search engine. What makes Kiwi unique is the fact that it looks at every possible option, even if that means flying with separate airlines or even into different airports. While that may not always be the most convenient option, it will find you the best possible price. It’s available on Android and iOS.  

Have any flight comparison apps you swear by? Please share your favourites in the comments below. 

October 19, 2017