Apps to survive the Apocalypse

Apps to survive the Apocalypse - Lovefone, London

In a situation like the apocalypse, you would hope that smartphones would continue to be useful during times of dire need. It would be pretty awesome if your smartphone became a sort of high-tech, smart multi-tool. Well, if you know what to look for, your phone actually can be like a little virtual sidekick during the end of days. 

So what apps will help you survive potential worldwide calamity? There are a few choices we would recommend! That is, until the people maintaining and updating these apps turn into zombies themselves!

    Stay in touch with Firechat

      When the apocalypse hits, electricity is scarce, and internet becomes almost non-existent, instant, long-distance communication becomes limited to walkie-talkies and radios. That’s what the films tell us, anyway. But it’s 2016, and smartphones are deeply integrated into society. Firechat is an app that enables your phone to daisy-chain itself to other phones to form a mesh network of their own. This will allow you to send messages without internet or mobile service!

        Earthquake Alert!

          Whether the apocalypse is caused by zombies or a series of cataclysmic natural disasters, you should be prepared. Earthquake Alert! will tell you if there is an earthquake near you. Stay one step ahead of the end of the world with this app!

          Act fast with iTriage

          Chances are, you’re not a medical expert. And even if you are, in the apocalypse, you probably won’t have state-of-the-art medical equipment handy, and you won’t have access to a working hospital. iTriage will give you the necessary information you need to act fast to treat an injury. It just might save a life!

          Stay dry with Flood Alert

          Similar to earthquake apps, Flood Alert is just one flood alert app that will keep you updated on floods of small or biblical proportions.

          Avoid flames with FireReady

          In the event of an apocalypse, many of us will be forced to become nomads, often resorting to camping outdoors and using fires to cook and keep warm. That means fire danger will be through the roof. FireReady and other fire warning apps will give you realtime updates on where fires are, and how they are spreading.

          Volcano apps, because why not?

          Who knows what the apocalypse will have in store for us? It could be caused by volcanic activity! This app updates you on what our long-inactive volcanoes are up to. After all, it is now speculated that it wasn’t just a meteor, but fallout from a major volcanic explosions that killed the dinosaurs and brought in the age of mammals!

          If you break your phone in an apocalypse, you can’t easily just go and get it fixed. So you will want to take even better care of your phone than you do now. You’ll need a good case. Conveniently, there are even some phone cases that may come in handy in the apocalypse, like a utility case with tools built in, or a pepper spray case to protect yourself against post-apocalyptic raiders or other desperate travelers!

          Don’t let your smartphone become obsolete during the apocalypse! When the end is near, you could really use these apps to give you the upper hand and above all, survive.

          November 14, 2016
          Dia Ascenzi