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Apps to help you in London - Travel - Lovefone, London

For almost every London newbie, aside from those with an enviable sense of direction and a basic level of common sense, travelling around the city is a nightmare. There all those wasted minutes stood staring bemusedly at the tube map while life continues on around you, and all those poor passersby you stop and beg for help.

But this ever so steep and embarrassing learning curve can be avoided. All you need is the help of your mobile phone and some carefully selected apps. Choose well and you’ll be dashing from bus to Tube to Overground like you’ve been living in the city for years.

These are the must-have mobile apps for travelling around London...


Citymapper is the real-time journey planner that helps you get from A to B by public transport, bike, foot and just about every other form of transportation imaginable. Perfect for tourists and residents, it’s your London bus app and London underground app all in one. Citymapper makes what can be a bewildering transport network easy to use. It also provides real-time disruption and congestion alerts to get you to your destination in the fastest possible time.


If you’re navigating the city by car, Waze is the community-based traffic, navigation and London map app you need. Rather than alerting you to traffic with a simple red line on the map, Waze users share the details of everything, from accidents, road hazards, police stops and traffic jams to help you plan your route. There’s also an active community of Waze map editors who constantly update this London map app to reflect any changes that are made. 


If there’s one aspect of travel in this city that’s sure to annoy, it has to be parking. But with its superb interface that’s easy to use, AppyParking makes navigating the residential permit areas and extortionately priced parking bays a thing of the past. AppyParking allows you to search for on or off-street parking bays with all prices and zones clearly displayed. You can drop the pin on any road and the app will tell you if you can park there. There’s also built-in navigation to help you find your car once it has been parked and the option to pay for your parking by card or phone through the app.


Uber is the London cab app you can’t live without. No, you can’t just give Uber a call; you can only book your cab through the app. The first step is to set your location. You’ll then see a picture of your driver and the vehicle’s details and be able to track their progress on your map. Perhaps the best part is that you can use Uber’s Fare Estimator to see how much your trip is likely to cost.     

What mobile apps do you rely on to help navigate this city? Share your favourites in the comments section below.

June 19, 2017