Apps that can help you learn new skills

Apps that can help you learn new skills - Lovefone, London

Learn Origami

Dollar Origami

You almost always have at least a fiver (or maybe a dollar) on you. Learn Origami for free with Dollar Origami Lite. At least, until someone passing by steals your money!

Learn to identify the night sky

Sky Map

Everyone loves staring at the night sky. But being able to point out that that greenish blue star is Venus, that pale red dot is Mars, and that splotch of light is actually a galaxy heading on a collision course to our own can really amplify the experience. With Sky Map, you can do just that.

Learn to save a life

iTriage App

Some apps can not only help you learn new skills, but help you be able to perform them on the fly in an emergency with no training. While it’s not recommended for someone with zero medical training to engage in life-or-death aid, your smartphone can save your life in a number of ways, including giving you the new skills to save a life with the iTriage app.

Learn magic tricks

Magic Shop

What drunk person isn’t amazed by a simple magic trick? Learn the skill of having a magic trick or two handy to become the most popular person at the pub with the Magic Shop app.

Learn to be more efficient and productive

Focus Keeper

One of the top rated apps for productivity, the Focus Keeper is about more than just helping you schedule your work time. It teaches you an important life skill: how to work for extended periods of time without being burned out.

Eventually you can learn to emulate your time with the app in your life without it. The basic concept is to give yourself periods of work time where you work uninterrupted for short bursts of, say, 25 minutes. You take a five-minute break after, and repeat, for a full set or “Pomodoro” of these work/break cycles before allowing yourself a longer break.

Learn your missing academic knowledge

Khan Academy

There is plenty you did not learn in secondary school that you most certainly should have. Whether or not you now need that knowledge for a job, general self-improvement, or your kid needs help on their homework, get ahead of the world finding out what a fraud you are and learn some basic knowledge skills with the world-renowned Khan Academy.

Learn to tie a necktie

Necktie app

Impress your friends and your next date by knowing how to tie a tie! And look good while doing so!

Learn another language


While you’re on the go with nothing to do, what better use of your time than learning another language? Duolingo is a world-famous app for teaching travelers how to pick up the basics of a new language (in a fun and immersive way), as well as brush up on a forgotten lingo used years past. ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

November 07, 2016
Andrew Hendricks