App of the Month: Read Across the Aisle

App of the Month: Read Across the Aisle - Lovefone, London

 In a world of fake news and the “Facebook echo chamber” effect, it's easy to only get one side of the story. It's also alarming easy to have your own biases confirmed by content channels which spoon-feed you content targeted towards your demographic.

Ultimately, in today's unbalanced, uncertain and uncorroborated world, digging down to the truth of the matter is no easy business. And that's where our app of the month comes in.

Introducing: Read Across the Aisle

They say that before you judge another person, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Well, that's partially what this smart and timely app attempts to help you do.

Read Across the Aisle works to tackle reader bias when it comes to the news, exposing your own political orientation through the material and sources you read, while flagging up the bias of any source you encounter. If you've been reading “one side of the story” the app can highlight that there's another angle you may want to consider, helping users to get a wide-angle view of topical news.



What's your position?

The app appears as an inconspicuous blue-to-red barometer which indicates the political leaning of the material you are engaging with, from far left articles to far right posts.

Designed to help pop the increasingly isolated bubbles many of us live in, the app monitors your own reading bias over time, indicates the bias of every source, helps you source quality news items on both sides of the divide and sends regular reminders encouraging you to explore views from different sources.

In an ever-more polarised society, Read Across the Aisle is a fantastic app for opening minds, unlocking debates, tackling bias and removing blinkers. Give us this over a game of Candy Crush any day of the week!

Have you tried Read Across the Aisle yet? What did it tell you about your typical reading habits? Did it help shift your perspective? Share your stories and reviews below. Or get your phone fixed by our clever experts so you can download the app today!

July 17, 2017