App of the Month: iScanner

App of the Month: iScanner - Lovefone, London

“Paper is so 2017”, admittedly said no one ever, but they clearly hadn’t seen the newest range of mobile scanner apps to hit the market. Rather than having to figure out how to use a cumbersome and confusing standalone scanner, these days, there are simple apps that can turn your mobile device into a full-feature document scanner that will digitise paper documents in seconds.

Despite the fact that we create a gargantuan amount of information digitally, there’s still plenty of paper floating about. Receipts, business cards, schedules, timetables, paper notes, faxes and brainstorming scribbles are just a few of the items often stuck in the physical universe when you’d really like them online.

So what’s the solution?

Introducing iScanner

iScanner mobile scanning app

iScanner is the Lovefone app of the month for two good reasons:

  1. We use it ourselves; and
  2. It’s brilliant


iScanner turns your mobile or tablet into a powerful mobile scanner with an excellent range of options so you can easily scan, save and share any document in PDF or JPEG format. You can take iScanner with you wherever you go and no internet connection is needed as all scans are stored locally on your device. You can even add an e-signature to your documents to make you the envy of the office.

iScanner features 

iScanner mobile scanning app

If you need to scan hundreds of legal documents or pages of company accounts then a standalone scanner will still be your best bet. However, for your more casual scan, an excellent range of innovative features make the iScanner our top pick. The features include:

  • Multipage scanning – Scan and save documents as a multi-page JPEG or PDF file to reduce the memory you use.
  • Image processing - Enhance the scanned image using built-in image processing tools.
  • Document editing – Cut, copy and paste documents or add your signature to scanned images if necessary. You can also convert your scanned image into text with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques.
  • Documents, security & protection – Protect your files with a password or touch ID.
  • File manager – Drag and drop your files and folders and sort them by date and name.
  • Sharing – Share documents by email or by uploading them to cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive and DropBox.
  • Printing – Print any scanned document with a single tap (paid version).

Other information

If all those features have got your tech juices flowing, you’ll be happy to hear the iScanner app is available on Android and iPhone for free, although there’s also a paid pro version which provides slightly more functionality.    

Although we hate to subject you to the offensively monotonous audio, this video will give you a better idea of what the iScanner can do:


So far the iScanner app has 10 million users around the world and if you read some of the reviews online, we think you’ll see why we believe this could be the mobile scanning app for you.

Have you used iScanner? Perhaps you think there are better mobile scanning apps out there? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

February 01, 2018