App of the Month: Canva

App of the Month: Canva - Lovefone, London

Want to create infographics with a simple swipe of the finger? It may be time to dump your graphic designer and download Canva!

Introducing: Canva

Our latest app of the month is all about creativity and empowering those of us who weren't born with the artistic superpowers required to produce fantastic-looking graphics.

Launched in 2012, this impressive app was originally a yearbook building tool called “Fusion Books”, developed by graphic design teacher Melanie Perkins and co-founder Cliff Obrecht. Realising the greater potential of the application, the pair partnered with tech entrepreneur Cameron Adams – and Canva was born!

Clever & creative

Today the application, which allows anyone to be their own graphic designer, is available on PC, iPad and iPhone, giving users the power to create amazing designs on the screen of their choice – even on the move!

Described by The Webby's as “the easiest to use design program in the world”, Canva uses smart-yet-intuitive drag and drop options combined with a seemingly endless array of fonts, images, colour schemes and more to help anyone create amazing graphics, perfect for their purposes.

Design anything

If you want to give your marketing materials, party invitations or event posters a more professional look – this is the app for you. With completely customisable templates for everything from brochures and gift certificates, to posters, banners, business cards, album covers and magazine covers, you can make just about anything with this ridiculously helpful (and fun!) app.

There are a few paid options within Canva which allow you to get a little more from the application. Turning your designs into “real world” printed items, from t-shirts to calendars is a convenient click away, for example.

Make data visual

We especially love the graphs and charts this smart design tool allows users to create. Fantastic for turning figures and ideas into visual content, Canva is a smart option for businesses looking to develop infographics, mood boards or other visual content without splashing out on a graphic designer.

Want to fix your iPhone before you download your next app? We can help you with that. We can even source you a good-as-new refurbished iPhone to use Canva on – at a fraction of the “out of the box” price.

August 30, 2017