The case for a smartphone case

The case for a smartphone case - Lovefone, London

Make no mistake, a smartphone is an investment. Many are expensive, and even if you bought a good, well-priced, second-hand phone, you don't want to have to replace it anytime soon. Enter the smartphone case. A good case will protect your investment by keeping it safe from accidental drops, because, well, gravity happens. One of the most devastating things a smartphone owner can experience is the dreaded screen crack, or worse, when it suddenly slips from your hands, and completely shatters. That's the moment you wish you'd kept your phone in a case. According to a lot of people you’re simply nuts if you don’t use a phone case as “it’s made of glass.”

A lot of cases have grip to keep you from dropping it to begin with, as most phones are very slippery to hold. More than a quarter of iPhones were found to break with two years and with the cumbersome and shatter-prone iPhone 6, the trend does not seem to be towards fewer breaks. A good case, though, will protect against more than just drops. Many phones, including the iPhone, have a camera lens that lies flush with the straight back of the phone, making it ripe for permanent micro-scratches and other damage to the lens, that can make all of your photos come out looking terrible – like a fingerprint smudge, it will result in a filmy, fuzzy look to your photos, but unlike a fingerprint, this won't wipe off. It's permanent. Not all smartphone camera lenses are built like this, but if you have the iPhone 4S, for example, the risk to the lens increases with everyday use, even with things as simple as sliding it across a table.

Keeping your phone in a case may also increase its resale value. Some people do this purposely, placing their phone in the case the moment they acquire it, keeping it in immaculate shape, and then are able to sell it for top dollar and upgrade to the newest phone for free. Few of us have that level of commitment, but even if you just want to make a bit of extra cash by selling your old phone before getting a new one, a phone will always be worth more if it's in good condition.

It's worth knowing that a soft case will protect your phone better than a hard case. Some users prefer skins to cases, and though they give your phone a slim look, they do not offer nearly the same level of protection. The best new cases however, mimic both a case and a skin, with a slim, sophisticated design that won't make your phone bulky, and a number of features like pockets for credit cards, and the ability to use your entire screen while it's safely inside.

Some may argue that a case hides the good looks of a beautifully designed phone. Most of us use a phone for what it can help us do, not necessarily how it looks, but to each his own. Beyond that, some like to keep their phones “naked” to simply enjoy the way it feels in their hand. To them, I would recommend taking it out of the case to appreciate its aesthetic looks and ergonomic feel, sitting low to the ground in a soft area. Go nuts! Enjoy the heck out it! But I'd also like to add that keeping your prized smartphone in a case (even just part of the time) will reduce the risk of damaging it, and will certainly increase the amount of time it stays that pristine.

Not even pretending to ad utility with this case, one 3D printed phone case that seems both a joke and a great idea at the same time is designed to stop smartphone addicts from using their phone as anything but a phone.

Whether you want a smartphone case that let’s you keep your money like a wallet, showcases your favorite sports team, or merely safeguards against your mother lecturing you about how irresponsible and careless you are, there are plenty of solid justifications for buying at least minimal protection for your phone in the form of a screen protector and a case. Even if there might not be as solid of a justification for these absurd smartphone cases.

Author: Rae Avery

February 16, 2016