App of the week no. 25: QuizUp, the new trivia game

I love trying on new apps and finding little gems, but quiz games are not my favourite cup of tea. Well, the did not use to be my favourite cup of tea because now I found a QuizUp which is a mixture of quizzes and smart talks between its users (in each category). QuizUp is the world’s largest Trivia game and has 280 topics (the number is growing because new topics are added all the time) and 150,000 questions. QuizUp has a lot of categories such as TV shows, sports, music, books, games, movies, science, tech, history, art, business, geography, history, education, lifestyle and many others. Its number of topics is continually growing because users have the opportunity to add new interesting ones. So if you want to show off your interest and knowledge about a topic, you can submit your own questions, which will be checked and added to the QuizUp. Every match has seven questions and can be completed in less than two minutes, which makes it accessible. You have to choose your topic, choose if you want to play it now, be challenged or interact with others on the discussion platform.

If you choose to play, you have to log in with your email address or your Facebook page and then the app allocates a partner with whom you will compete.

Based on Trivial Pursuit, QuizUp allows its users to compete against friends or anyone else around the world. It does not matter if you win or lose, your score adds up and ranks you up in every category you play.

QuizUp was designed to be an easy to use game and very intuitive. ‘You get to a level it is addicting, but in order to continue you need to share it or ask your friends for help’ Mr Fridriksson said about it.
Released only a few months ago, QuizUp has gathered over 4 million lovers, and it continues to grow. There are about 130,000 organic downloads every day, and it gained the 1st place in Apple’s App Store. It is worth adding that it took Twitter 24 months to attract one million users, Foursquare 13 months, Instagram 2 months and a half, and QuizUp only 7 days! QuizUp app is free of charge and is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, and its Android version will be launched this month. All in all, I have to confess that this is the best quiz game I ever played, and it entertains and tests my knowledge in the same time! Did you try it? Are you one of those 4 million users? Do not be shy and share your thoughts with us!
January 14, 2014