iDoctor- is the iPhone the wireless future of medicine?


The iPhone is such a complex device that once you got one, you almost can’t imagine life without it. It is the best communication way, best music player, best GPS, web browser, weather forecaster, a great camera, and these are just a few features an iPhone embody. Even so, I bet you never thought that an iPhone will be able to warn you two weeks in advance about a possible heart attack or about cancer cells circulating in your blood! This is not fiction. The technology has evolved so much that in a few years time, the iDevice and the medical apps can replace some medical procedures and give you some information about your health that the classic medicine can’t offer. Medical care should become cheaper and more efficient with the help of wireless medicine. Dr.Eric Topol, one of the world’s top physicians, has seen the iPhone’s potential as something that can change personal medical care in unexpected ways. He’s a cardiologist, so his focus was on demonstrating a number of apps and gadgets from his professional field. At the moment, he prescribes more apps than drugs and believes that in the future, we will be able to check all our vital signs with the help of an iPhone. In a video for NBC’s Rock Center, he shows how an iPhone device derives an EKG from the pulse in your fingertips, he talks about a wrist device that delivers all of the telemetry needed from a patient in an ICU and many other amazing innovations created with the help of wireless medicine. We also find out about a pill that reports when the patient has swallowed it. How great is that?

shakti muse Utterly fascinating This is the best application of technology I have seen yet. It will ensure the future of good medical practice, in more detail and it will be timely to treat and/or prevent much disease progression.
And if you are afraid that technology will distance the relationship between doctor and patient, you have nothing to worry about. The wireless technology allows doctors to work much closely with the patient during the exam, and it saves a lot of time. Precious time for some patients. Isn’t it amazing how much wireless medicine progressed and in how many ways it can improve our lives? Watch the video below and find out more!


November 01, 2013