Believable rumour: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C coming September 10

White iPhone 5C casing

The biggest news on Saturday was that, according to AllThingsD, Apple will launch the next generation iPhone on September 10. So we now have less than a month's time until we'll know exactly how the new iPhone will compare to the current iPhone 5. According to some other rumours, the new iPhone 5S will look exactly like the iPhone 5 but will have a better processor and probably more RAM. It seems that the new big feature will be a fingerprint sensor incorporated in the home button. This will allow users to unlock the iPhone only after scanning the fingerprint of it's rightful owner. This feature will add a very serious layer of security which will be welcomed by many users and will also make the iPhone a more attractive solution for the corporate environment where data security is very important. Also, it seems that the new home button with fingerprint sensor will be slightly convex in order to accommodate the new sensor and will be made of sapphire, like the camera lens cover of the iPhone 5 - synthetic sapphire is a very hard crystal and it's extremely scratch-resistant. Together with the launch of the iPhone 5S Apple will probably launch the iPhone 5C. This is rumoured to be a cheaper version of the iPhone which will have a coloured plastic back cover. The iPhone 5C housing will probably be very similar to the current iPod touch. iOS 7 will probably be launched at the same September 10 Apple event. Are you waiting this launch to upgrade your smartphone? What feature would you like to see on the new iPhone(s)? Join the discussion on Lovefone's Facebook page or leave your comment below.

August 12, 2013