What are the options for repairing a broken iPhone screen

A few days ago, checking the Yahoo News website, I’ve noticed an article from the Upgrade your life [http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upgrade-your-life/] news series hosted by Becky Worley. How (not) to fix a cracked phone screen (a sightly confusing title at first sight), discusses the options available in the unfortuate situation of breaking the screen of your iPhone. You’ll get angry and frustrated but after you come back to your senses you need to act. 

The article reminded me stright away about a blog post I’ve written not long ago on our blog about the advantages and disadvantages of the DYI approach vs the professional screen replacement on iPhone phones. Isn’t it funny how sometimes, after you read/talk/write about something you come across a similar story? But to get back to the subject in hand, here are the options that Becky Worley and we advise you to consider : For iPhones - Take the phone to the Apple Store Unfortunately, even If you purchased the Apple Care protection plan (£61) for extending your warranty, this won’t help you if the screen of your iPhone is cracked. At the moment the people at the Apple store will only offer to swap your phone with a refurbished one for about £120 - £200 - depending on the iPhone model you have. They also offer a 3 months warranty for the replacement phone. We’d say that this is the ideal option if your phone is water damaged. Keep reading our blog and you’ll find out soon why. Though, we know that many people won’t be pleased with the price and choose instead one of the following two options: Fix the phone by yourself - if you’re really geeky, we’d say that you may eventually succeed. Just maybe. If you want to give it a go and replace the screen on your iPhone 4s for example,check the video bellow, recorded by Cosmin, one of our technicians and follow the steps. We have videos for all kind of repairs, just have a look on our Youtube channel. Becky concluded that no matter how good you are at repairing things, it’s not worth the time and the risk to try and replace the screen of a smartphone (and especially an iPhone) by yourself. Her reasons are that “these screens are more than just glass. They are capacitive touchscreens that are connected to the brains of your phone”. Plus, even if you might find the repair kit as being a bargain, the quality of the repair tools might be shabby, the kit doesn’t come with any instructions and you’ll only find out too late that the too many screws inside an iPhone have different sizes and you might not find their place anymore. Here is what we think about the DYI approach. Take the phone to the specialists for a while-you-wait service or mail it to a phone repair company After trying to fix the phone by herself, Becky gave up and concluded that taking the phone to the specialists for a repair would be the best option. It will save you time and it’s safer that fixing the phone by yourself. Sending it away using the mail service it’s another option but you might not be willing to spend a couple of days or more without your phone. Now if you’ll ever consider having the screen on your phone replaced with a repair company, make sure that you choose a trustworthy one (ideally would be to go for something recommended by friends or at least check their reviews online). Also, it is preferable to choose someone who offers a warranty for their service. At Lovefone, at the moment we replace the screens on iPhone 5 , iPhone 4 /4S , iPhone 3G /3GS and also for Samung Galaxy S4 , Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. At the end of the article, Becky Worley also mentions the risk of voiding your warranty with Apple whether you fix the phone by yourself or you take it to a specialist. But as the guys at Apple don’t really do repairs, if you want to save some money, you might as well consider one of the last two options. After all, your free warranty with Apple only lasts for 1 year and chances are that you won’t need them anymore. Plus, as I said before, there are many repair shops, including us - Lovefone, which offer a 1 year warranty for the service provided. The prices you’ll find in the article are expressed in dollars as they are the prices for US. I’ve tried to come with the prices for UK but for the correct prices to date, I’d suggest you’d check directly with the Apple Store UK. Now, knowing the options, how would you choose to fix your phone? Let us know and we will offer you a £5 discount in case you need an iPhone or Samsung screen replacement repair.

July 23, 2013